The traditional model of distribution is rapidly changing. It’s a whole different process now than it was decade ago.

The wholesale distribution industry acts as a vital link in the global supply chain and is responsible for distributing the majority of products between business partners around the world.
In the past ten years, (B2B) Wholesale Distribution business has grown exponentially. Whether you are getting started or expanding your own business, understanding the current industry development is the key to your success. In fact, there are many factors that can be used to predict and identify customers, from the size of the business to the way customers use the product with the digitization of the world, the way business interacts and processes each other has also changed. Now, B2B portals are a new way to close business transactions. If you wish to grow your business online in the international market, G2edge Digital platform will prove to be beneficial.

In some cases, B2B customers are also acting like consumers with a desire for self-service tools that give them instant access to product information through the internet as well as many consumers are beginning to buy directly from wholesalers and manufacturers through easy-to-use eCommerce websites.

G2edge is moving forward to become leading ERP platform for the wholesale Distribution so it can help your trading business to maximize sales operations, increase profits, and grow competitively.
Covering the Wholesale distribution industry we aim to provide a solution that takes important business processes such asshipping, financial management, manufacturing, finance, and Customer Management and integrates them into a common package where your data is shared with your organization. This allows for the automation of the sales process and for daily business operations to be conducted more quickly. For example, you might wish to set up automatic reordering from a specific vendor when inventory levels meet a certain threshold. By maintaining data from across the organization in acentralized location, materials could be reordered automatically, reducing manual effort so employees can work on other tasks.