The traditional model of distribution is rapidly changing. It’sa whole different now than it was decade ago

Today, B2B customers increasingly act like consumers with a desire for self-service tools that givethem instant access to product information through their mobile devices. Many consumers are beginning to buy directly from wholesalers and manufacturersthrough easy-to-use eCommerce websites.

There are lots of benefits to using G2edge Digital software. It keepsrecords of credits cycle and the range of workflows that you deal daily simplerat G2edge Digital, so you can go from working extra hard to complete a smalleramount of tasks to automating functions and conducting more business thanbefore. It is. However, we had created the right solution and the functionalitythat you need out of your software program is key in order to actually reap thebenefits associated with our systems.

B2B Trading Sales Management System

If you are looking for software to operate and manage your own trading process which covers the most expected features for especially B2B firms then no other solution is better than G2edge Sales Management Systems in terms of features, capabilities, and price.

Explore B2B Sales Management
G2edge is moving forward to become leading ERP platform for the metals industry so it can help your trading business to maximize sales operations, increase profits, and grow competitively.
Covering the Wholesale distribution industrywe aim to provide a solution that takes important business processes such asshipping, financial management, manufacturing, finance, and Customer Management and integrates them into a common package where your data is shared with yourorganization. This allows for the automation of the sales process and for dailybusiness operations to be conducted more quickly. For example, you might wishto set up automatic reordering from a specific vendor when inventory levelsmeet a certain threshold. By maintaining data from across the organization in acentralized location, materials could be reordered automatically, reducingrequired manual effort so employees can work on other tasks.