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Welcome to G2edge International Ltd. Co. More than 2 decades of experience in Branding, Marketing & Data Technology Development.

Our Slogan is "Helping you grow your business by building a Systematic Business Growth Strategy" G2edge started it's journey in 2018 with very few clients of the Building Material's Traders & Steel Production company by building a Systematic Information Technology Development.

Our Training and IT development services involves providing comprehensive learning programs and resources to individuals and teams in order to enhance their technical skills, knowledge, and proficiency in various IT-related areas, such as SaaS, Software Development, Digital Marketing, Business Development, Data Analysis, and Communication Skills, to meet the evolving demands of the digital landscape.

We are a company focused on creating sustainable value by providing industry-leading products and solutions to satisfy the needs of our customers in Turkey and around the world. We strive to make the future better for our customers and partners by becoming the most efficient company in learning and development.

Help Customers Succeed Our customers deal with lots of challenges daily - we help them succeed by delivering quality training, innovative solutions, and stable technology for long run.

Business + Financial Strategy We have a geographically diversified portfolio of assets and profitable growth focused on our core business of IT Development Services.

Innovation We recognize that the IT industry is shifting toward more cost-effective, efficient, and time saving friendly solutions; this inspires us to be more creative in conducting our global business.
About G2edge International Ltd. Co.

" We are building progress for people creating sustainable value in terms of building long-term business and a creative world for human kind. "

Sajid Rashid (@visitsajid)
Founder & Proprietor, G2edge