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Our research and consulting team will help to automate the process using the latest technologies to deliver fast production & reduce cost.

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Creating a positive impact on our communities

Digital Transformation on Premises or @G2EDGE Central Digital Platform Our intention is to research new ways to apply technology and invention

Digitization + Digitalization Benefits of Converting information into a digital format is to organize and make the better decision it makes easier to automate the process as well as Increases service quality. We build Tools, Software, Workflows, IoT to transform and secure data systematically.

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G2EDGE Branding Services

Our technology consulting services goal is to inform our clients about the latest machineries and technologies to achieve their business objectives and increase production cost effectively. Our technology consulting services can range from creating a technology to managing a system of processes for a client. Usually, a client commissions the technology consulting services to a firm that helps in planning and developing the new IT system. In some cases, we also examine the risk of an existing system.

The IoT-equipped machines are rapidly expanding for monitoring and efficient analysis for all industrial machinery. The IoT ecosystem consists of web-enabled smart devices that use embedded systems, such as processors, sensors and communication hardware, to collect, send and act on data they acquire from their environments. IoT devices share the sensor data they collect by connecting to an IoT gateway or other edge device where data is either sent to the cloud to be analyzed or analyzed locally.


G2edge Automation
Installation, integration, and maintenance
Automation involves a very broad range of technologies including robotics and expert systems, telemetry and communications, Cybersecurity, process measurement and control, sensors, wireless applications, systems integration, test measurement, etc.