B2B Sales Management System

For Trading Companies

B2B Convertible into B2C eCommerce

Trading Sales management

It is for B2B firm
"It’s easy to use, fast and stable"

We had built this from scratch based on our customer requirements It has been developed on real-time sales operation testing the stability and performance of the application. We will keep upgrading the system by releasing a new version adding new features. Security, interface, etc.

Presentation Sales Management System

We offer free configuration and version upgrades

If you are looking for software to operate and manage your own trading process which covers the most expected features for especially B2B firms then no other solution is better than G2edge Sales Management Systems in terms of features, capabilities, and price.

It can be plug easily into your website or mobile app as well as we can host the complete system in your private server which can be converted into an eCommerce shopping site. 

Trading Sales Management System


Maintain Detailed Description of your products
Manage Price : Home Price & Selling price
Review which product is performing better
Manage Inventory
Create Invoices with LC (Credit Limits)
Manage Credits & Payments
Send Invoice directly to your Customer from Application
Delivery notes (Includes a notification to your customers)

System will Manage Product Revenue, Credit Cycle, Net Profit, etc.

Suppliers management g2edge


Maintain Vendors Data
Create Sales order with credit limit
Maintain Payment Statuses if it is purchased on credit or cash

System keep managing Trade Purchases & Credit Cycle

Customer Management


Manage your customer data, categorize them into priorities and keep engagement with your customers
Create Invoices with Credit Limit
Maintain Payment Statuses if it is sale on credit basis
Buy leads according to your business sector

System keep managing Sales Revenue & Credit Cycle

Office Administration


Daybook Accounting (Expenses & Cash Flow)
Team Task Management
Documents Management
Create and Send Newsletter to the list of your customers
Create PDF documents

Additional services based on agreement
Manage Professional Email Accounts, Domain & Hosting
Manage your website

Invoice and sales order has to "Confirm" to be reflected in the Accounting system. Once it is confirmed it cannot be delete or edit. To Edit or Delete user has to provide a reason for changing status from confirmed to draft.

After invoices and sales order is confirmed. Keep the record of payments received from the customer and paid to vendors and get the final result of Trade purchase, Sales and profit.

For Auditing Purpose get into details
Check Return Invoices & Sales orders
Check Payments paid and received on which date from
Customer and suppliers

Trading Sales management

Trading Sales management

Benefits of using application on our cloud Server central platform
No Server Maintenance
No Additional charges for Version Upgrades
Hassle free accessibility, Access from Anywhere anytime
Reduce cost and time

Benefits of Support Agreement :
Data migration (Import & Export)
Customize design layout of Invoice and Sales order
Add different language in Invoice and Sales order
Remote training

Benefits of Website Agreement :
Custom Development & Unique Design
Integration & Automation with Sales management system and your website
Post Jobs
Get digital network matrix
Get market research reports
Manage professional email accounts, domain & hosting
Manage website content
Include any additional feature base on website or mobile app development
Use Customer data for Data-driven Digital Marketing

Sales management Review Services Sales Management We understand the decision to buy and use a service is made in the prepurchase stage. We G2edge Services Sales Management you will be able to keep records of each transaction at the same time keep an engagement with your customer.

Contact us for additional services, like Marketing, Custom Development, Process automation, Corporate Videos & Branding we will create development proposal according to your requirements.