Digital G2edge

About Digital G2edge

If you are looking for software to operate and manage your own trading process which covers the most expected features for especially B2B firms then no other solution is better than G2edge Digital e-Commerce System in terms of features, capabilities, and price.

G2edge Digital cloud platform application software is developed to reduce the cost and to manage your business operation or implementation smoothly. It is flexible to move on your own private web platform or physical computer server so it can personalize and privatize your data completely on-premises.

We will keep upgrading the system by releasing a new version adding new features. Security, interface, etc.


$ 0.00/-
No charges apply for one user account.
$49.00/- per year for Additional user account

Manage your business operations

Review which product is performing better
Maintain Detailed Description of your products
Manage Inventory
Manage Price : Purchased Price & Selling price
Manage Credits Cycle & Cash Payments
Product Revenue & Net Profit Statement.
Additional Option: Manual Creation of Invoices & Sales Orders

G2edge Market Place

Pubish in Market Place
Customer Control Panel
Invoice with Cash or Credit
Manage Orders
Manage Deliveries notes
Notifications & Alerts
Shipment Tracking
Customer Support

Applications include in Digital G2edge

Suppliers management g2edge


Maintain Vendors Data
Create Sales order with credit limit
Maintain Payment Statuses if it is purchased on credit or cash

System keep managing Trade Purchases & Credit Cycle

Customer Management


Manage your customer data, categorize them into priorities and keep engagement with your customers
Create Invoices with Credit Limit
Maintain Payment Statuses if it is sale on credit basis
Buy leads according to your business sector

System keep managing Sales Revenue & Credit Cycle

Office Administration


Daybook Accounting (Expenses & Cash Flow)
Team Task Management
Documents Management
Create and Send Newsletter to the list of your customers
Create PDF documents

Benefits of using application on our cloud Server central platform
No Server Maintenance
No Additional charges for Version Upgrades
Hassle free accessibility, Access from Anywhere anytime
Reduce cost and time

Benefits of Support Agreement :
Data migration (Import & Export)
Customize design layout of Invoice and Sales order
Add different language in Invoice and Sales order
Remote training

Customization G2edge Digital

We also provide customization and application development making it capable to meet your business needs. G2EDGE Customization refers to custom development, some organization required to change the Application Interface and process like invoice design layout, adding workflow for approvals, etc. These features can be integrated with your business to have a scalable impact.

The company who own the license of on-premises with sources usually preferred to have their own programmer or third party company to make changes according to their business process.