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Welded Wire Mesh Enhancing Construction Efficiency

As suppliers of high-quality welded wire mesh products, we are dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of our clientele. Partnering with reputable manufacturers equipped with state-of-the-art welding machines, we ensure the delivery of premium-grade welded wire mesh that adheres to both local and international manufacturing standards.
Our extensive network of manufacturers boasts cutting-edge technology capable of customizing the size and properties of welded wire mesh to suit specific project requirements. By leveraging signature automated weaving techniques and advanced mesh welding machinery, we guarantee the production of welded wire mesh characterized by precise dimensions, superior strength, and a flat surface finish—all at competitive prices.
Welded wire mesh serves as a versatile steel reinforcement material ideal for various concrete structures. Renowned for its strength and durability, our welded wire mesh outperforms conventional cut & bend alternatives, offering a seamless fusion of welded and pre-assembled reinforcements designed to meet stringent industry standards such as ASTM A 497, BS 4483, DIN 488, and SASO.
Crafted from high-quality steel wire using sophisticated automated processes, our welded wire mesh solutions are engineered to deliver precise dimensional control, thereby optimizing efficiency while minimizing time and labor costs for our valued clients. As your trusted suppliers, we remain committed to providing top-of-the-line welded wire mesh products that elevate the quality and integrity of your construction projects.
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Precision Cut & Bend Reinforcement Bar Solutions

G2edge, in collaboration with multiple production companies, revolutionizes the Cut & Bend Reinforcement Bar industry with advanced technology and precision engineering.
G2edge's Cut & Bend Reinforcement Bar Division (C & B) sets the standard for producing steel reinforcement bars in precise lengths and shapes essential for construction projects. With cutting-edge equipment sourced from renowned manufacturers and the latest software including BBS detailing through CAD RC and ARMOUR software, G2edge ensures superior quality and efficiency in every product.
Our equipment adheres to international standards such as ASTM, ACI-316, BS-4466, BS-8666, minimizing steel wastage and delivery time while maximizing dimensional precision. The utilization of advanced computer programming features in our shear line, double bender, single bender, and stirrup machines enables us to create customized shapes and sizes with unparalleled accuracy.
At G2edge, we understand the importance of prefabrication standards in enhancing productivity and efficiency in construction projects. Our solutions are tailored to meet the specific requirements of each project, optimizing timelines, manpower, inventory management, and material wastage.
By adhering to international practices and standards, G2edge offers numerous benefits to our clients:

  • Swift delivery, ready for immediate installation

  • Production aligned with client schedules and preferences

  • Minimal wastage of steel, promoting sustainability

  • Just-In-Time (JIT) approach to minimize space and on-site labor requirements

  • Substantial reduction in construction time

  • Compliance with international standards such as BS and ASTM guidelines

The advantages of utilizing factory-cut and bent steel reinforcement bars are evident across various aspects of construction, including labor requirements, machinery efficiency, waste reduction, time savings, and quality consistency. With G2edge's advanced technology and precision engineering, clients can rely on consistent, high-quality products tailored to their exact specifications.
Experience the future of Cut & Bend Reinforcement Bar solutions with G2edge and our esteemed partners.
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Frost-Forged: The Art of Cold Drawn Wire

We take pride in our partnership with leading-edge wire drawing machines, equipped with state-of-the-art features to ensure unparalleled quality. Drawing from our extensive international experience and expertise, we continuously expand our product range and manufacturing capabilities. One notable advancement is our implementation of in-line inspection, employing laser detection diameter measurements and pressure sensors seamlessly integrated with a PLC mechanism.
Our drawing instruments undergo meticulous design to maintain optimal quality throughout the production process. Here are some key features:

  • Uniform Coil Weight: Ensuring consistency and reliability in every coil.

  • Traceability of Coils: Providing transparency and accountability throughout the supply chain.

Our cold-drawn wires adhere to ASTM and DIN standards, meticulously crafted from both Low carbon and High carbon steel, catering to various applications across relevant industries. Wire rods, typically annealed, pickled, or surface treated, form the foundation of our manufacturing processes, primarily involving cold forming or drawing. This method facilitates the creation of a diverse array of end products, including but not limited to:

  • Spring Wires for General Engineering: Offering resilience and durability for diverse engineering needs.

  • Spring Wires for Mattresses: Providing flexibility and strength for mattress construction.

Experience the precision and reliability of our cold-drawn wires, engineered to meet the highest standards of quality and performance. Explore our collection now and discover the difference quality makes!
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Explore Our Plain Wire Rod Collection

Experience unmatched quality with G2edge's plain wire rods. Engineered to meet the highest industry standards, our plain wire rods are indispensable in downstream industries. From binding wires to chain-link fencing, our rods are versatile and reliable. Certified for both chemical and physical properties, our plain wire rods exemplify precision and durability, making them the preferred choice for a wide range of applications.
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Rebar Coil Emporium: Explore Our Versatile Offerings

G2edge sets the standard with our rebar coil offerings. Utilizing cutting-edge automation, our coils weigh up to 1,700 kg each, guaranteeing efficiency and productivity. Compliant with rigorous international standards, our rebar coils are ideal for bending and cutting machine use, providing versatility for a variety of applications. From binding wires to welded wire mesh, our rebar coils deliver unmatched performance and durability.
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Deformed Rebar For Reliable Structures, Reinforcing Excellence

At G2edge, quality is paramount. Our manufacturer partners deformed rebar is embodies excellence and reliability. Designed to meet diverse industry needs, our deformed rebar adheres to international standards, ensuring superior performance in welding electrodes, steel mesh, bolts, and springs. With a range of diameters and customizable options, our deformed rebar is the cornerstone of structural integrity for industrial, commercial, and residential projects.
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High-Quality Billets Precision Engineering for Construction

Our billets come in two sizes: 150 X 150mm and 130 X 130mm, offering versatility for various construction projects. Manufactured to meet ASTM A 615, SASO SSA 2, BS 4449, and other industry-grade standards, our billets ensure structural integrity and durability. We maintain strict quality control measures, with tolerance limits for rhomoidity, twist, side tolerance, length tolerance, waviness, and out-of-straightness. Our billets boast excellent surface and internal quality, free from defects such as slag patches, cracks, blow holes, and burrs. With precise cross-sections and minimal concavity/convexity, our billets guarantee superior performance, making them the ideal choice for your construction steel needs.

I. Billet Size:
150 X 150mm | 130 X 130mm

II. Grade:
ASTM A 615 | SASO SSA 2 | BS 4449 | SAE 1006 | SAE 1008 | SAE 1010 | SAE 1012 | Other grades as per customer specifications.

III. Other Requirements and Tolerances:

Rhomoidity: 5% Max2

Twist: 0.5 Deg / Meter

Side Tolerance: ± 3 mm

Length tolerance: ± 60 mm

Waviness: Nil

Out of Straightness: 5 mm / Meter, Max 60 mm in full length

Corner radius: 4 to 8 mm radius

Surface Quality: Billet should be free from: Slag patches, Joints, cracks, scabs, blow holes, pinholes, deep cuts, hot tears, heavy burrs, etc.

Internal Quality: Billet should be free from internal cracks, blow holes, pinholes, porosity, central shrinkage, aluminum and slag patches, piping, segregation, etc.

Billet Burr: Free from heavy burrs and suitable for endless welding during rolling.

Billet cross-section: Billet ends to be flat and perpendicular to the longitudinal axis. Tapered & uneven cuts are unacceptable.

Concavity / Convexity: 2 mm for billet

This product description ensures adherence to stringent quality standards and precise tolerances, guaranteeing superior performance and reliability in your applications.

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Unleash Precision Power Bolt Cutters, Pullers, and Pipe Wren

Experience unparalleled strength and precision with B.Tech's range of Bolt Cutters, Pullers, and Pipe Wrenches. Crafted to meet the highest standards of performance, our tools are engineered to tackle the toughest tasks with ease.
B.Tech's pipe wrenches epitomize gripping strength, torque, and power. Manufactured with precision, our wrenches are constructed from CRMO metal, ensuring durability and reliability in every use. Whether it's tightening pipes or loosening fittings, trust B.Tech's pipe wrenches to deliver exceptional performance.
Our tin shears are a testament to innovation and precision. Sharpened using state-of-the-art lasers during the manufacturing process, these shears provide clean and precise cuts, making light work of even the toughest materials.
For heavy-duty applications, B.Tech's aluminum pipe wrenches are the ultimate choice. Capable of applying up to 6.8T of force at 10 inches and an impressive 19.6T at 36 inches, our wrenches provide unmatched power and efficiency, making them indispensable in any toolbox.
When it comes to mechanical pullers, B.Tech goes the extra mile. Featuring an 8:9 steel bolt, our pullers offer unparalleled flexibility while pulling, ensuring smooth and efficient operation every time.
Discover the power of B.Tech's Bolt Cutters, Pullers, and Pipe Wrenches – where strength meets precision, and performance meets perfection. Upgrade your toolkit today and experience the difference.
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Pro Series, Unmatched Performance and Safety in Miter Saw

Welcome to the world of precision and performance with the Exakt Pro Series Miter Saws. Our revolutionary technology incorporates B2 brushless motors, belt-driven to enhance torque, resulting in unprecedented speeds that set us apart from the rest.
Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our miter saws undergo multiple stages of quality testing, ensuring exceptional product quality that exceeds industry standards. Safety is our top priority, evident in every aspect of our design – from the grip surfaces to the incorporation of advanced safety features and rotation speeds adhering to industrial-grade standards for intense usage.

Designed for professionals and craftsmen alike, 92% of our product is crafted with 6021 aluminum technology, making it stronger, lighter, and more resistant to deformation under aggressive use. Each table saw comes equipped with a circular saw blade of the highest quality, guaranteeing optimal performance in every cut.

What truly sets Exakt Pro apart is the integration of exclusive B.Tech patents, delivering unparalleled time-saving benefits. Elevate your precision cutting experience with the Exakt Pro Series – where innovation meets reliability, and performance meets perfection.

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Cutting Edge Excellence Professional Grade Blades

Introducing B.Tech's Professional Grade Blades, meticulously crafted to redefine precision and durability in your cutting tasks. Engineered with cutting-edge technology and precision, our blades elevate your workmanship to new heights.
With fully automated production, each blade undergoes a seamless manufacturing process, ensuring consistency and quality in every cut. Our TLC Sharpening technique guarantees maximum precision, resulting in optimal cutting performance for your projects.
What sets B.Tech blades apart is the innovative Tungsten Carbide Teeth coating, providing an unparalleled long lifespan. Say goodbye to frequent blade replacements as our cutting-edge coating technology ensures durability that lasts through countless tasks.
Not only do B.Tech blades excel in longevity, but they also contribute to the extended lifespan of your valuable electric tools. By minimizing wear and reducing energy consumption, our blades optimize the performance and efficiency of your equipment, saving you time and resources in the long run.

Experience the difference with B.Tech Professional Grade Blades – where precision meets durability, and efficiency meets excellence. Elevate your cutting experience today.

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Drill Bit Series: Preserve, Perform, Perfect

Discover our innovative B.Tech drill bit series, featuring a patented package designed to safeguard your tools while ensuring peak performance. Engineered to fit seamlessly with both electric and cordless tools, each drill bit in the series is crafted with precision using premium materials including G8, 73LP, M2, CR40, Cobalt, and Titanium. Experience the perfect balance of durability and versatility for a quick and flawless drilling experience every time.
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Dual Component Screwdrivers: Precision Tools Series

Explore our meticulously crafted BTech screwdriver series, featuring the optimized HI SAND design for precision and accuracy. Crafted from S-2 steel with a CRV coating, our screwdrivers offer magnetic properties and a rough texture to prevent slipping. Available in various sizes, experience ergonomic grip and enhanced functionality in every use.
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Precision Hardness Tester: Assess Material Strength with Confidence

Introducing our Precision Hardness Tester, a reliable tool designed to assess the strength of various materials including concrete, stone, wood, drywall, and more. Utilizing an analogue testing method, this device delivers accurate results by striking the material with a defined energy force, allowing users to gauge material hardness based on rebound measurements.
Key Features:

  1. Force of 1.8J: With a force of 1.8 joules, our Hardness Tester delivers consistent and precise impacts to accurately assess material hardness across a range of applications.

  2. Versatile Application: Ideal for testing concrete, stone, wood, drywall, and other materials, our Hardness Tester offers versatility for professionals across different industries.

  3. Strength Measurement: By measuring the rebound of the material upon impact, our tester provides valuable insights into the strength and durability of the tested material, aiding in quality control and assessment processes.

  4. Analogue Testing Method: Using a traditional analogue testing method, our device ensures simplicity and reliability, delivering consistent results without the need for complex calibration or setup procedures.


  • Strike Tension: The device is capable of striking materials with a defined energy force, allowing for accurate rebound measurements to determine material hardness.

  • Material Compatibility: Suitable for testing a wide range of materials including concrete, stone, wood, drywall, and more, our Hardness Tester offers versatility for diverse applications.

Whether you're a construction professional, quality inspector, or materials engineer, our Precision Hardness Tester is an indispensable tool for assessing material strength with confidence and precision. Trust in its reliability, accuracy, and ease of use to streamline your testing processes and ensure optimal material performance.
Elevate your quality control standards with our Precision Hardness Tester. Unlock valuable insights into material strength and durability, and make informed decisions with confidence.
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Shock-Resistant Video Borescope for Plumbing and Garage Use

Embark on precision inspections with our innovative Video Borescope tailored for plumbing and garage applications. Designed to withstand shocks and deliver exceptional performance, this versatile tool empowers users with flexibility and clarity in their inspections.
Key Features:

  1. Shock Resistant: Engineered to endure shocks and impacts, our Video Borescope ensures reliability even in demanding environments, providing peace of mind during inspections.

  2. Tailored for Plumbing and Garage Use: Specifically crafted for plumbing and garage inspections, our borescope is equipped to navigate tight spaces and provide crystal-clear visuals for comprehensive assessments.

  3. Self-Adjusting LED Display: With a self-adjusting LED display, our borescope optimizes visibility in varying lighting conditions, ensuring clear and accurate imagery during inspections.

  4. Flexible Movement within Plumbing: Designed for agility, our borescope offers flexible movement within plumbing systems, allowing users to maneuver effortlessly and inspect hard-to-reach areas with ease.


  • Borescope Diameter: 12mm, facilitating smooth navigation through narrow spaces and intricate plumbing systems.

  • Screen Size: Featuring a 3.5" screen, our borescope provides a spacious display for enhanced visibility and detailed inspection results.

Whether you're a professional plumber, automotive technician, or DIY enthusiast, our Video Borescope is the ideal companion for precision inspections. From detecting leaks to diagnosing engine issues, trust our borescope to deliver reliable and accurate results, empowering you to make informed decisions with confidence.

Elevate your inspection capabilities with our shock-resistant Video Borescope. Explore with clarity, precision, and confidence today.
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Infrared Thermometer: Precision, Durability, and Versatility

Experience the pinnacle of temperature measurement technology with our advanced Infrared Thermometer. Engineered to deliver precise readings in diverse environments, this cutting-edge device combines durability, functionality, and innovation to meet your needs.

Key Features:
Shock Resistant: Built to withstand shocks and impacts, our Infrared Thermometer ensures reliable performance even in demanding conditions.
LED Backlighting:
Equipped with LED backlighting, the thermometer provides enhanced visibility in low-light environments, ensuring clear readings regardless of the lighting conditions.
12 Digital Functions:
With 12 digital functions, our thermometer offers versatility and adaptability for various measurement tasks, providing comprehensive temperature data with ease.
LCD Screen up to 900°C:
Featuring an LCD screen capable of displaying temperatures up to 900°C, our thermometer provides accurate and readable results across a wide range of temperatures.

Temperature Range:
Our Infrared Thermometer delivers precise temperature measurements within its broad range, making it suitable for a variety of applications.
LCD Screen:
The high-resolution LCD screen ensures clear and easy-to-read temperature readings, enhancing user experience and efficiency.
Durable Construction:
Crafted from robust materials, our thermometer is designed to withstand the rigors of everyday use, providing long-lasting durability and reliability.
Whether you're in industrial, automotive, HVAC, or culinary fields, our Infrared Thermometer is your go-to tool for accurate temperature measurement. From diagnosing engine problems to ensuring food safety, trust our thermometer to deliver consistent and reliable results every time.

Upgrade your temperature measurement capabilities with our advanced Infrared Thermometer. Invest in precision, durability, and versatility today.
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AeroPipe Thermo-Hygrometer: Precision Measurement for Barrels and Containers

Elevate your measurement capabilities with the Thermo-Hygrometer Digital AeroPipe, a state-of-the-art instrument designed for accuracy and versatility in various settings. Engineered to withstand shocks and built to accommodate barrels and containers, this device is a must-have tool for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Key Features:
Shock Resistant:
Built to endure rugged environments, the Thermo-Hygrometer Digital AeroPipe guarantees reliable performance even in challenging conditions.
Barrel and Container Compatibility:
With its innovative design, this digital thermo-hygrometer can seamlessly be used within barrels and containers, providing precise measurements wherever you need them.
Includes Extender:
The included extender enhances the device's reach, enabling easy access to hard-to-reach areas for comprehensive moisture and temperature readings.
Moisture and Temperature Measurement:
Equipped with advanced sensors, the Thermo-Hygrometer Digital AeroPipe accurately measures both moisture and temperature, delivering invaluable data for various applications.
Moisture Measurement: Provides precise moisture readings to help you maintain optimal conditions in barrels, containers, and other storage units.
Temperature Measurement: Monitors temperature fluctuations with accuracy, ensuring the preservation of goods and materials.
Extender Length: The included extender extends the device's reach, making it suitable for use in deeper barrels and containers.
Whether you're in agriculture, logistics, or manufacturing, the Thermo-Hygrometer Digital AeroPipe empowers you to make informed decisions based on reliable data. Invest in precision and durability with our advanced thermo-hygrometer, and take control of your environmental monitoring needs.
Order the Thermo-Hygrometer Digital AeroPipe today and experience unparalleled performance in moisture and temperature measurement.
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Humidity Meter and Thermometer: Versatile Precision for Diverse Environments

Introducing our latest innovation: the Humidity Meter and Thermometer. Designed to meet the demands of various environments, this advanced instrument offers precise measurements and durable performance.

Key Features:

Shock Resistant:

Engineered to withstand shocks and impacts, our humidity meter and thermometer ensures reliability even in rugged conditions.

Digital Thermometer:

Equipped with cutting-edge digital technology, our thermometer provides accurate temperature readings, allowing you to monitor environmental conditions with confidence.

Dual Measurement Options:

With the flexibility to measure using either the nozzle or the needle, our meter enables versatile applications, including insertion into materials for precise humidity readings.


Temperature Range:

From 10°C to 70°C, our thermometer ensures accurate temperature monitoring across a wide spectrum of conditions.

Humidity Measurement: Our meter accurately measures humidity levels, providing valuable insights into environmental conditions.

Durable Construction:

Crafted with high-quality materials, our humidity meter and thermometer are built to last, offering long-term reliability for your measurement needs.

Whether you're monitoring indoor environments, conducting experiments, or assessing materials' moisture content, our Humidity Meter and Thermometer is the ideal solution. Trust in its accuracy, durability, and versatility to meet your measurement requirements with precision.

Order yours today and experience the reliability and performance of our Humidity Meter and Thermometer.
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Anemometer-Thermometer Precision Measurement for Any Environment

Introducing the Anemometer-Thermometer, a precision instrument designed to deliver accurate measurements of airflow and temperature in various environments. Crafted with robust materials and advanced technology, this device is built to withstand shocks and deliver reliable performance in demanding conditions.
Key Features:
Shock Resistant: Engineered with durability in mind, this anemometer-thermometer is resistant to shocks, ensuring reliable operation even in rugged environments.
Digital Air Flow Measurements: Equipped with cutting-edge technology, this device provides digital air flow measurements with exceptional accuracy, allowing users to precisely monitor airflow dynamics.
Handle with Care: While resilient, the fan component of this instrument requires gentle handling to maintain optimal performance and longevity. Users are advised to treat it with care during operation and storage.
Temperature Range: 0°C to 50°C Airflow Range: 0.4 to 30 meters per second Weight: 50 grams
Versatile and lightweight, the Anemometer-Thermometer No. 0506031 is suitable for a wide range of applications, including HVAC systems, environmental monitoring, and industrial settings. Whether you're conducting experiments, analyzing ventilation systems, or assessing airflow in outdoor environments, this instrument delivers precise data to meet your needs.
Trust in the reliability and accuracy of the Anemometer-Thermometer No. 0506031 for your airflow and temperature measurement requirements. Experience unparalleled performance and durability with this essential tool for professionals and enthusiasts alike.
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Versatile Printing Solutions: Explore the Potential of the MT-UV 6090Pro UV Printer

UV 6090Pro is a compact UV printer designed for both flat and cylindrical objects, consistently delivering excellent print quality. As our small-format flatbed UV printer, the MT-UV 6090Pro offers various features to enhance efficiency and reduce costs for small-scale businesses.

With this UV printer, you'll have a specialized solution for direct-to-object or direct-to-surface printing, applicable to a wide range of items such as water bottles, wine bottles, tumblers, phone covers, USB drives, puzzle pieces, baby blocks, pens, golf balls, lunch boxes, and more. It also performs well on standard rigid materials like wood, glass, acrylic, MDF, aluminum, Foamex, Correx, and Dibond, among others.

Our UV printer 6090 also functions as a UV DTF printer. UV DTF offers a quick and consistent printing solution without compromising quality or sustainability. The UV DTF printing process involves using UV ink and UV exposure to print a design onto a PET film (A Film). Subsequently, a laminator is used to transfer the design from the A Film to a second PET film (B Film). The laminated PET film is then pressed onto the object, delivering excellent image quality with extreme accuracy and consistency. Unlike traditional printing methods, UV DTF printing does not require heat pressing, allowing for printing on almost all surfaces.

Key Features:

    • Small size UV flatbed printer (600mm*900mm), ideal for start-up businesses.
    • Multifunctional UV printing machine for flat and cylindrical objects.
    • High-precision Epson print head ensures unbeatable image quality.
    • CMYK, white+varnish color mode.
    • Cost-effective, stable performance, and perfect function.
    • Simultaneous white, color, and varnish printing, supporting 3D embossed printing.
    • Suitable for mass production and personalized customization.
    • Easy operation and installation.
The MT-UV 6090Pro flatbed printer may be small in size but packs a punch. Featuring a compact design that conserves space, the MT-UV 6090Pro offers a flatbed with a surface area of 900mm by 600mm and a print height of 180mm, providing ample room for small-scale printing. Despite its compact size, the UV 6090Pro is a powerhouse.

High Precision Printing with Dual Epson 13200 Printheads:

MT-UV 6090Pro features one of the best Epson printheads on the market - Epson 13200 printheads. It comes equipped with two of these printheads for maximum print quality. Known for producing premium quality prints with no flying inks and satellite dots, Epson i3200 printhead perfectly handles precision printing and heavy detailing. Moreover, the Epson 13200's print speed of about 21.6KHz means that the MT-UV 6090Pro can handle small-scale printing projects in record time, enabling you to get more work done in less time.

Advantages of MT-UV 6090 Pro:
    • Small size, multi-purpose model suitable for both flat and cylindrical surface printing.
    • Rotary attachment and optional mold are available.
    • Print braille and other matte and glossy textures.
    • The embossed effect is available.
    • Small footprint, uses less electricity.
    • No installation is needed.
    • Factory direct sales, no 3rd party involved.
    • One-year warranty with lifetime maintenance service.
    • Training & Support available.

Advantages of MT-UV 6090:
    • Small size, multi-purpose model suitable for both flat and cylindrical surface printing.
    • Rotary attachment and optional mold available.
    • Print braille and other matte and glossy textures.
    • Embossed effect available.
    • Small footprint, uses less electricity.
    • No installation needed.
    • Factory direct sales, no 3rd party involved.
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D80 Laser Distance Meter, Precision, Versatility, and Durability

Introducing the Time 080 Laser Distance Meter, your go-to tool for accurate measurements in various applications. With a measuring distance of up to 80 meters, this device ensures precision and reliability in every task.

Its memory base for constants allows you to store frequently used values for quick reference, enhancing efficiency on the job site. Designed to withstand challenging environments, the Time 080 is waterproof, guaranteeing durability and longevity.

Setting a new standard in measurement technology, it offers versatility by measuring length, area, volume, linear, trapeze, and Pythagorean calculations, catering to diverse project requirements. Equipped with 2xAA batteries, providing a battery lifespan of up to 5000 measurements, this device offers long-lasting performance. With a work range from 0.05 to 80 meters and a precision of ±1.0mm, the Time 080 Laser Distance Meter ensures unparalleled accuracy, making it an indispensable tool for professionals across various industries.
$ 138.50

Next-Generation Measuring Tools Series Discover Our Latest Addition


Introducing Next-Generation Measuring Tools

Discover our latest addition: the 5.5/7.5-meter measuring tape.

In addition to its robust features, our Next Gen Measuring Tools are engineered with user convenience in mind. The ergonomic design ensures comfortable handling during prolonged use, reducing fatigue and enhancing productivity on the job site. With its intuitive functionality and reliable performance, our measuring tape is the go-to tool for professionals in construction, carpentry, and various other industries. Whether you're measuring lengths, widths, or heights, our Next Gen Measuring Tools deliver accuracy and efficiency, empowering you to tackle tasks with confidence and precision.

  • With an impressive accuracy of 0.16mm, ensuring precise measurements every time.

  • Featuring a durable nylon coating, five times thicker than standard coatings, for enhanced longevity and durability.

  • Boasting a standout length of 2.7 meters, making it ideal for a variety of measurement tasks.

  • Crafted to be incredibly strong, providing reliable performance in challenging work environments.

  • Designed with a convenient belt clip that effortlessly attaches to tool belts for easy access during tasks.

  • The adjustable belt clip is also detachable from the tape, offering added versatility and convenience.


Upgrade to the Next Gen Measuring Tools and experience unmatched accuracy, durability, and functionality for your projects.
$ 8.89

Lifetime Levelling Tools Unmatched Quality and Durability

Explore our Lifetime Levelling Tools, designed to redefine your leveling experience with unmatched quality and durability:
Lifetime Warranty Assurance: Rest assured with our levels backed by a lifetime warranty, a testament to our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.
Unique Patented Design: Our levels feature a unique patented design that sets them apart, ensuring superior performance and reliability in every application.
Magnets for Enhanced Stability: Equipped with four magnets for every 60cm, our levels offer enhanced stability and secure attachment to metal surfaces, maintaining perfect leveling even while magnetized.
Shockproof Construction: Built to withstand the rigors of the job site, our levels are shockproof, providing peace of mind and durability in demanding work environments.
Durable Aluminum Body: Crafted from 60/61 HD aluminum, our levels combine lightweight design with exceptional durability, ensuring longevity and reliability in every use.
Experience the precision and reliability of our Lifetime Levelling Tools, available in various sizes ranging from 40cm to 200cm, with wide-profile magnetic spirit levels in the Series 16 range. With shockproof vials and caps, our tools are engineered to exceed your expectations and deliver consistent accuracy throughout their lifetime.
$ 46.23

Laser 2x360 CUBE laser DOUBLE 0360

Introducing the Laser2x360, a cutting-edge laser level engineered to redefine precision and versatility in your projects:

Class 2 Laser Precision: Equipped with an exceptional precision optical amplifier, the Laser2x360 boasts Class 2 laser technology, ensuring unparalleled accuracy in your measurements.

Sharp and Clear 360 Lines: Experience unparalleled clarity as the 360-degree lines project sharply across your workspace, enabling seamless alignment and layout.

Performance Highlights:

360-Degree Coverage Around the Room: The Laser2x360 provides complete coverage around your workspace, facilitating comprehensive project alignment and layout.

360-Degree Ceiling and Floor Projection: Effortlessly project laser lines across both ceiling and floor surfaces, ensuring precise alignment from top to bottom.

Impressive 200-Meter Range: With a range of up to 200 meters, the Laser2x360 extends its precision across expansive work areas with ease.

Optional Digital Beam Detector:

Enhance your device with the optional digital beam detector, enabling enhanced precision and accuracy even in challenging environments.

Elevate your project outcomes with Laser2x360 – the ultimate solution for precision layout and alignment needs.
$ 299.00

6D Maxliner Laser Level Precision and Versatility Combined

The ADA 6D MAXLINER laser cross level is a versatile tool designed for precise horizontal and vertical markings, suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Its intuitive operation, with separate buttons for horizontal and vertical functions, ensures ease of use and accuracy. Whether indoors or outdoors, the laser's effectiveness extends to a radius of 50m when working outdoors, thanks to its compatible receiver. The electronic compensator facilitates frequent and rapid self-leveling, while the instrument automatically activates the laser line when set over the incline alarm range. Its 360° rotating fine adjustment mechanism enables precise object alignment, while a built-in locking system ensures the compensator's security during transport. The ADA 6D MAXLINER kit includes essential accessories like an aluminum carrying case, laser glasses, rechargeable batteries, power unit, and operating manual, making it a convenient and reliable tool for various projects.
The ADA 6D MAXLINER laser cross level is a versatile tool suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It enables precise horizontal and vertical markings, making it indispensable for various applications.
Functional Description:

  • Horizontal and vertical operations are controlled by two separate buttons, ensuring ease of use and accuracy.

  • The laser is effective indoors and outdoors, with a receiver usable within a radius of 50m when working outdoors.

  • An electronic compensator ensures frequent and rapid self-leveling, enhancing efficiency.

  • The instrument automatically beams the laser line when set over the incline alarm range, maintaining accuracy.

  • Its 360° rotating fine adjustment mechanism facilitates precise object alignment.

  • A built-in locking system automatically secures the compensator when the power is off, preventing vibration and movement during transportation.

Kit Includes:
The ADA 6D MAXLINER comes with an aluminum carrying case, laser glasses, rechargeable batteries, power unit, and operating manual, ensuring convenience and portability for your projects.
$ 359.00

Ultra Liner 4V/36U Precision Laser Tool for Ultimate Accuracy

The ULTRA LINER 4V/36U laser tool offers precision and versatility for various applications. Featuring horizontal and vertical laser windows, fine adjustment screws, and rechargeable battery compartments, it ensures accurate alignments with ease. Whether indoors or outdoors, its functionality includes projecting multiple vertical lines, a horizontal line, and plumb points. The built-in compensator allows for fast leveling within ±3°, while a warning sound alerts users to inclines beyond this range. With a rotating fine adjustment mechanism and a locking system for transport, the ULTRA LINER 4V/36U is a reliable companion for professionals seeking efficiency and accuracy in their projects.

  • Horizontal laser window

  • Fine adjustment screw

  • Adjusting legs

  • Vertical laser window

  • Battery compartment (rechargeable)

  • Bubble level

The ULTRA LINER 4V/36U laser tool is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. It projects 2, 3, or 4 vertical lines (model-dependent), along with 1 horizontal line and plumb point. With the assistance of ADA-ULTRA Liner 360 2V/3V/4V, it enables precise horizontal and vertical markings.
Functional Description:

  1. Projects 2, 3, or 4 vertical lines, 1 horizontal line (H), and plumb point.

  2. Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, with a detection range of up to 70m outdoors.

  3. Compensator for fast leveling within a range of ±3°.

  4. Produces a warning sound if the instrument inclines more than ±3° from the horizontal plane.

  5. Features a rotating fine adjustment mechanism for easy object alignment.

  6. Built-in locking system automatically secures the compensator when the power is off, safeguarding it from vibrations during transport.

  7. The intermediate position of the switch handle activates slope mode.

Kit Includes:

  • ULTRA LINER 360 2V/3V/4V laser level

  • Screw extender 5/8

  • Target plate

  • Laser glasses

  • Batteries holder (4xAA batteries included)

  • Case

  • Operating manual

Optional accessories: Li-battery, charger, LR60 detector with clamp. The manufacturer reserves the right to change the complete set without prior notification.
$ 279.00

Aviation Snips for Seamless Cutting

Introducing V.I.C Coating for Superior Aviation Snips

Our aviation snips are now equipped with V.I.C coating, ensuring top-notch performance and durability:

  • Dual-Sided Sharpness: Maintains cutting edge on both sides.

  • Tempering and Quenching: Endures rigorous processes for resilience.

  • Unique Metal Formation: Prevents bending during use.


  • Crafted from polypropylene and PVC.

  • Minimal distortion, extended color retention, high impact resistance.

Innovative Features:

  • CRMO Composition: Prevents reaction and contamination.

  • Damascus Sharpening: Ensures break-resistant blades inspired by ancient Japanese techniques.

Upgrade your cutting experience with our aviation snips — precision and reliability guaranteed.
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Unveiling the 3rd Generation Tools for Enhanced Efficiency and Durability

Step into the future of innovation with our latest release: the 3rd Generation of Patented Btech Tools. Engineered to redefine the standards of efficiency and durability, each tool in this series represents a leap forward in craftsmanship and design. With a relentless focus on saving valuable work time, our patented tools are meticulously crafted to streamline tasks and enhance productivity across industries. From construction sites to workshops, our tools are indispensable companions, offering unmatched performance and reliability.
At the core of our 3rd Generation series lies a commitment to excellence and precision. Each tool is meticulously designed to fulfill a specific purpose, ensuring optimal use and longevity. Our dedication to ergonomic technology ensures that every grip, every maneuver feels effortless, reducing strain and fatigue during extended use. Embrace the future of workmanship with our 3rd Generation tools – where innovation meets reliability, and efficiency is paramount.
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VDE Standard 1000V Tool Series, Voltage-Safe Excellence

Introducing our Series of VDE Standard 1000V Tools, engineered for excellence in performance and safety. Designed with ergonomic precision, these tools offer unparalleled comfort and control for every task. Their directional sharpening ensures optimal cutting efficiency, while the 1000V VDE Standard certification guarantees electrical safety in high-voltage environments.
Featuring dual-component handles, our tools provide a perfect grip, enhancing user comfort and reducing fatigue during extended use. With a protective ALU coating in the jaws, they offer greater tolerance and durability, ensuring longevity in demanding work conditions. Each tool undergoes a unique process of tempering and quenching, ensuring superior strength and resilience.
Our product packaging is crafted from high-quality polypropylene and PVC, delivering durability and reliability. Designed to withstand the rigors of handling and transportation, our packaging maintains its integrity without distortion. Its vibrant colors stay true for up to 12 times longer, while its high-impact resistance ensures your tools arrive safely, ready to perform.
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Series of Heavy Duty Grabbing and Diagonal Cutting Range

Introducing our Heavy Duty Grabbing and Diagonal Cutting Range, a revolution in precision and power. With a unique B.Tech patent, this cutting-edge tool effortlessly enhances your work efficiency with its innovative design. Experience up to 30% energy savings as the tool's secondary pressure mechanism amplifies applied force, delivering unparalleled performance while maintaining its lightweight, compact profile. Its dual-component gripping handles ensure perfect comfort and control, making it the go-to choice for professionals worldwide. From intricate tasks to heavy-duty applications, this best-selling tool maintains consistent pressure throughout, without causing any damage.
Our Heavy Duty Grabbing and Diagonal Cutting Range comes packaged in premium-quality materials designed to exceed your expectations. Crafted from polypropylene and PVC, our plastic packaging boasts exceptional durability and longevity. Enjoy vibrant colors that stay true for up to 12 times longer, thanks to our advanced manufacturing process. Built to withstand high-impact environments, our packaging ensures your tool arrives safely and securely, ready to tackle any task with precision and power. Choose reliability, choose performance—choose our Heavy Duty Grabbing and Diagonal Cutting Range for unmatched quality and efficiency.
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Locking Pliers Series, Power of Precision and Durability

The Precision Locking Pliers redefine excellence in hand tools, offering unmatched strength, versatility, and precision for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and engineered for superior performance, these locking pliers are the epitome of innovation and reliability.
Unrivaled Variety:
Choose from a selection of 49 meticulously crafted varieties, each tailored to meet the diverse needs of your projects. Whether you're tackling intricate repairs or heavy-duty tasks, there's a Precision Locking Plier designed to exceed your expectations.
Precision at Your Fingertips:
Featuring a 5mm Allen adjustment screw at the base, our locking pliers offer precise control and customization for every task. Adjust with ease, secure with confidence, and achieve flawless results with unmatched precision.
Built to Last:
Crafted from CRMO metal, a chrome-based alloy with an active coating, our locking pliers are built to withstand the test of time. Say goodbye to corrosion, contamination, and wear – Precision ensures longevity and reliability in every application.
Patented Performance:
Protected by USA patent number 7-474-999, our locking pliers embody innovation and excellence. Trust in a product that's backed by industry-leading technology and proven performance – trust in Precision Locking Pliers.
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Discover the Aquamarine Series, Elevate Your Home with Colorful Steel Doors

Aquamarine Series: With its diverse color options, the Aquamarine Series stands out as the epitome of distinction and resilience in outdoor environments. Offering a fresh perspective to your homes, these steel door models incorporate the allure of aquamarine, a precious natural stone, to elevate your living spaces. Engineered to withstand diverse climates and external elements, the Aquamarine Series ensures unparalleled durability. If you seek steel door models in a spectrum of colors for your projects, look no further than this series. Explore our Aquamarine Series to visually discover the color door model that perfectly complements your living space. With our Door Steel Door's Aquamarine Series models, we guarantee you'll find the ideal color to enhance your home environment.
Inner case is made of 1.20 mm - Outer case is made of 1.20 mm DKP sheet metal.
It is manufactured from 1.20 mm DKP sheet metal and the lock slots are original printing. 1.20 weft profiles are used inside the wing. The wing thickness is made of 8.5 cm.
Depending on the size of the ground, the maximum is 10 cm.
There are Monoblock, Hook Lock, Semi-Central and Full Central Lock systems.
1.20 mm sheet metal is used. In addition, the wing is filled with special sound and heat insulation material.
Electrostatic powder paint is applied by baking in a special oven at 230 degrees.
A special steel door gasket is used against sound, heat and dust. (RUBBER)
STAINLESS steel door handle, pull handle, glass lens binoculars, tach and hidden safety clamp are used.
Three ball hinges with a diameter of 18 mm are used on each door.
10 mm Laminox, PVC, Ultralam etc. furniture is used.
It is standard size including 108*214 moldings with 18-25 adjustable frame.
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High-Quality Emergency Exit Door, Safety and Durability in Every Detail

Our emergency exit door combines top-tier materials and advanced locking mechanisms to ensure both safety and durability.

Emergency Exit Door Specifications:

  • Sheet Thickness: 1.20 mm DKP

  • Kale Monoblock Lock System (Thick Lock)

  • 10 mm double color 1st class MDF

  • Adjustable casing with a thickness of 16 to 25 cm

  • Wing Width: 8 cm

  • Sheet metal painted in a static oven at 180°C


The inner case is constructed from 1.20 mm thick sheet metal, while the outer case is made of 1.20 mm DKP sheet metal.


Fabricated from 1.20 mm DKP sheet metal, the wing features original printed lock slots and incorporates 1.20 weft profiles. The wing thickness measures 8.5 cm.


Depending on ground size, the maximum thickness is 10 cm.


Available lock systems include Monoblock, Hook Lock, Semi-Central, and Full Central Lock options.


Constructed with 1.20 mm sheet metal, the wing is filled with specialized sound and heat insulation material.


Electrostatic powder paint is applied and baked in a dedicated oven at 230 degrees Celsius.


Utilizes a specialized steel door gasket for sound, heat, and dust insulation (RUBBER).


Features stainless steel door handles, pull handles, glass lens binoculars, tach, and hidden safety clamps.


Each door is equipped with three ball hinges, each with an 18 mm diameter.


Furniture options include 10 mm Laminox, PVC, Ultralam, etc.


Standard measurements include 108*214 moldings with an adjustable frame ranging from 18 to 25.

What is an Emergency Exit Door?

Fire hazards pose significant risks to buildings, underscoring the critical importance of emergency exit doors. Mandated by regulations governing fire protection in buildings, these doors demand the use of reliable, high-quality materials during construction. Our Steel Door, a leading provider offering both wholesale and retail sales, promptly meets emergency exit door requirements across Turkey, particularly in the Aegean Region. While adverse events like fires are unwelcome, Our Steel Door stands ready to provide expert assistance in crafting emergency exit doors, enhancing preparedness for unforeseen circumstances.

Standard dimensions for emergency exits stipulate a minimum width and a height of not less than 200 cm, with regulations mandating the absence of thresholds to prevent tripping hazards. Revolving doors and turnstiles are deemed unsuitable for emergency exits as they impede swift egress. Our Steel Door ensures proper design and installation of wings to facilitate smooth movement and mitigate potential escape impediments. Emergency exit doors must remain unlocked and easily operable by hand. Additionally, they must be smoke-tight and fire-resistant for at least 60 minutes in buildings with fewer than 4 floors and 90 minutes for structures with basement floors or more than 4 floors.

Our Steel Door experts offer comprehensive support from production to installation, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards for emergency exit doors tailored to your building's needs. These doors feature self-closing mechanisms, allowing external access by firefighters or officials during emergencies. Our Steel Door's product range includes double-wing entrance doors, outdoor doors, fire doors, ultralam doors, apartment doors, villa doors, and project doors, providing swift expert assistance in emergency exit door requirements nationwide.

Emergency exit doors are indispensable components in buildings, mandatory even in structures with fewer than 7 floors, including basements, and essential in various settings such as schools, hospitals, dormitories, hostels, hotels, and factories. Our Steel Door's emergency exit door models, except for Izmir and the Aegean Region, are certified fire-resistant and assembled with electrostatic paint and spring hinge smoke seals, ensuring robust protection and compliance with safety standards across Turkey.

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Transform Your Workspace with Innovative Office Furniture Concepts

Discover the future of workspace design with our collection of cutting-edge office furniture concepts. From ergonomic desks and versatile storage solutions to sleek seating options, our designs prioritize functionality without compromising style. Elevate productivity, foster collaboration, and create an inspiring work environment tailored to your needs. Explore our curated selection today and redefine the way you work.
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Unveiling Our Pressure Washing Machine for Car, Vehicles

Introducing our innovative Pressure Washing Machine Series, engineered to redefine cleaning efficiency. With a robust wattage of 1200W and a pressure rating of 11 Obar, our machines deliver unparalleled power for a variety of cleaning tasks.
Designed with energy-saving features, our pressure washers ensure optimal performance while minimizing environmental impact. The double-sealed construction enhances stream quality, guaranteeing consistent and effective cleaning results.
Featuring self-suction functionality, our machines offer convenience and versatility, making them ideal for a range of applications. Each unit comes equipped with a convenient soap bottle, simplifying the cleaning process.
Mobile, compact, and lightweight, our pressure washers are designed for effortless maneuverability and storage, ensuring ease of use in any setting. Experience the ultimate in cleaning performance with our Pressure Washing Machine Series.

  • Wattage: 1200W

  • Pressure: 11 Obar

  • Energy saver

  • Double-sealed for better stream quality

  • Self-suction

  • Comes with a soap bottle

  • Mobile and easy to use

  • Compact and lightweight

  • Litres per minute: 4.SL/lMIN

  • 101BAR

$ 89

Stainless Steel Elbows for Seamless Flow Control Series

Elevate your piping systems with precision-engineered Stainless Steel Elbows, sourced directly from leading manufacturers in India. Our extensive inventory encompasses a diverse range of shapes, sizes, and industry standards, ensuring seamless integration into various applications.
Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our Stainless Steel Elbows deliver optimal performance and reliability across a myriad of industries. From standard configurations to customized solutions, we offer versatility to meet diverse project requirements, consistently exceeding customer expectations.
With a steadfast commitment to excellence, we maintain a substantial stock of ASTM A403 SS Elbows, ensuring swift dispatch and timely delivery to streamline your operations. As a trusted supplier, we're also renowned for providing premium Stainless Steel Reducers, further enhancing your system's efficiency and performance.
SS Elbow Standards, Grades & Specification
Stainless Steel Elbow are available in various Size, Standard, Grade. Each with its own Specifications.
Type of Pipe Fitting Elbow
Elbow 90 Degree, Elbow 45 Degree, Elbow 180 Degree
SCH20, SCH30, SCH40, STD, SCH80, XS, SCH60, SCH80, SCH120, SCH140, SCH160, XXS
½ NB to 48NB
Seamless / ERW / Welded / Fabricated
Stainless steel
ASTM / ASME SA 182 F 304 , 304L , 304H, 309H, 310H , 316 , 316H , 316L , 316 LN , 317 , 317L , 321 , 321H , 347H .
Duplex steel
ASTM / ASME SA 815 UNS NO.S 31803 , S 32205 , S 32550 , S 32750 , S 32760.
Carbon steel
ASTM / ASME A 234 WPB , WPC ASTM / ASME A 860 WPHY 42 , WPHY 46 , WPHY 52 , WPH 60 , WPHY 65 & WPHY 70
Alloy steel
ASTM / ASME A 234 WP 1, WP 5, WP 9, WP 11, WP 12, WP 22, WP 23, WP 91
Application & Uses

  • Used In Oil, And Gas Industry

  • Used In Ship Building Industry

  • Used In Power, And Telecom Industries

  • Used In Mining And Construction

  • Used In Chemical Industry.

  • Used In Water And Wastewater Industry.

  • Used In Pharmaceutical Industry.

Stainless Steel Elbow - Additional Information
Payment Modes: LC (Letter of Credit), TT (Telegraphic Transfer or Wire Transfer), Cheque, and others.
Packaging: Stainless Steel Elbow are packaged with caution and safety so they reach our client as well as he would expect. Packaging Charges Extra.
Port of Dispatch: Mumbai or Kalamboli ports in the Maharashtra state of India.
Tax:18% GST
$ Ask for Price

Stainless Steel Reducers for Optimal Flow Control Series

Discover a comprehensive selection of premium Stainless Steel Reducers sourced directly from top manufacturers in India. Our extensive inventory boasts a diverse range of shapes, sizes, and industry standards, ensuring seamless integration into various systems and applications.
Crafted to exacting standards, our Stainless Steel Reducers offer unparalleled performance and reliability. From standard configurations to customizable solutions, we cater to a wide spectrum of project requirements, providing flexibility and adaptability to diverse applications.
Backed by our unwavering commitment to excellence, we prioritize maintaining substantial stocks of ASTM A403 SS Reducers. Our streamlined dispatch process ensures efficient handling and timely delivery, enhancing your operational efficiency and client satisfaction.
Experience superior quality, reliability, and exceptional service with us as your trusted partner in Stainless Steel Reducers procurement.
SS Reducers Standards, Grades & Specification
Stainless Steel Reducers are available in various Size, Standard, Grade. Each with its own Specifications.
Standards: ANSI/ ASME B16.9, ASME B16.28, MSS-SP-43, BS4504, BS1560, BS4504, BS10
Size Range: ½" NB to 24" NB in (DN6~DN100) 10s, Sch 40s, Schedule 80s, 160s, XXS.
Welded ButtWeld Fittings: From 1/2" to 48"
Seamless Butt Weld Fittings: From 1/2" to 10"
Various Type Concentric Reducer Type B: DN15 - DN1200
Manufacturing process: Push, Press, Forge, Cast, etc.
Thickness: SCH20, SCH10, SCH30, SCH60, STD SCH40, XS, SCH 80, Schedule 100, SCH 120, SCHEDULE 140, SCH. 160, XXS available with NACE MR 01-75
Reducer Types: Seamless / Welded / ERW / Fabricated
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Discover Our Stainless Steel Pipes Series, Shine Bright

Discover a comprehensive array of top-quality Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings, sourced directly from leading manufacturers in India. Our extensive inventory encompasses a diverse selection of shapes, sizes, and industry standards, ensuring seamless integration into various applications.
Crafted to exacting standards, our Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings cater to a myriad of needs across industries. From standard fittings to customizable solutions, we offer versatility to meet diverse project requirements.
With a steadfast commitment to excellence, we prioritize maintaining ample stocks of ASTM A403 SS Fittings, ensuring prompt dispatch and delivery. Our dedication extends to providing Stainless Steel Bends, renowned for their precision and durability.
Experience unparalleled reliability, superior quality, and timely service with us as your trusted partner in stainless steel fittings procurement.

Stainless Steel Pipe Fitting is available in various Size, Standards, and Grade. Each with its Specifications.
SS Fitting Standards, Grades & Specification
ASTM A403, ASME B16.9, ISO 4144, DIN 2986
ASTM A182 F304, ASTM A182 F316
Stainless Steel Grade, e.g., 304 or 316
Elbow, Tee, Union, Coupling,
1/2", 3/4", 1",
Threaded, Socket Weld, Butt Weld,
Pressure Rating     
ANSI Class, PN Rating, Pressure in psi/bar
Polished, Satin, Brushed
Corrosion-resistant, High strength
Application & Uses
  • Used In Oil, And Gas Industry
  • Used In the Building Industry
  • Used In Power, And Telecom Industries
  • Used In Mining And Construction
  • Used In Chemical Industry.
  • Used In the Water And Wastewater Industry.
  • Used In the Pharmaceutical Industry.
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The Lacquer Series Doors Collection, Refined Elegance

Indulge in the timeless allure of our Lacquer Series Doors Collection, where sophistication meets durability in every detail. Crafted with precision and finished with exquisite lacquer, each door exudes a refined elegance that elevates any space.
Experience the lustrous sheen and smooth texture of lacquer, enhancing the natural beauty of the wood while providing lasting protection. Our doors are meticulously designed to blend seamlessly with any interior style, offering both aesthetic appeal and functional reliability.
Explore the epitome of luxury and style with our Lacquer Series Doors Collection, where quality craftsmanship and timeless design converge to create an ambiance of refined living.

Additionally it come with Fire proof.
Rigorously tested in internationally accredited laboratories, our Fire-Resistant Wooden Doors adhere to established fire regulations, offering reliable safety in dormitories, schools, hospitals, and hotels.
Designed to meet stringent safety standards, our doors provide peace of mind and security in the face of potential fire risks. Explore our collection and safeguard your spaces with confidence.

Being a partner with G2Edge in the doors production industry, our company laid its foundations in Isparta in 1972 with the production of wooden doors and windows. We have been producing 30,000 sets of doors annually in Isparta Organized Industrial Zone with a factory area of 50,000 m², including 10,000 m² of closed space, since 1995.
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Wood Veneer Doors Collection Series with a Special Touch

Discover timeless sophistication with our 'Elegance' Wood Veneer Doors Collection. Crafted with precision and inspired by nature's hues, our doors bring warmth and style to any space. From the rich depths of mahogany to the subtle charm of maple, each door is meticulously veneered to perfection, offering durability and beauty for years to come.
Additionally, it comes with Fireproof.
Rigorously tested in internationally accredited laboratories, our Fire-Resistant Wooden Doors adhere to established fire regulations, offering reliable safety in dormitories, schools, hospitals, and hotels.
Designed to meet stringent safety standards, our doors provide peace of mind and security in the face of potential fire risks. Explore our collection and safeguard your spaces with confidence.
Being a partner with G2Edge in the doors production industry, our company laid its foundations in Isparta in 1972 with the production of wooden doors and windows. We have been producing 30,000 sets of doors annually in Isparta Organized Industrial Zone with a factory area of 50,000 m², including 10,000 m² of closed space, since 1995.
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Stylish and Durable Furniture Solutions for Cafes, Restaurants, and Hotels

Elevate Your Outdoor Experience: Transformative Garden and Outdoor Furniture Solutions
Garden furniture and outdoor concepts are essential elements for cafes, restaurants, and hotels, offering inviting spaces for patrons to unwind and enjoy the ambiance. At our establishment, we curate a selection of outdoor furniture crafted from durable materials, designed to withstand adverse weather conditions while exuding modern elegance.
Our meticulously chosen outdoor furniture is meticulously crafted from high-quality materials such as teak, iroko, and compact laminate. These materials not only offer warmth and longevity but also ensure resilience against water, humidity, and sunlight exposure.
The fusion of wood and metal lends a timeless charm to your establishment, while aluminum stands out as a lightweight, portable option that requires minimal maintenance. Our range of materials, including sponge, fabric, and yarn, prioritizes durability and resistance to atmospheric elements, promising elegance, comfort, and longevity.
Selecting the right outdoor furniture is paramount to creating a memorable experience for your guests. Our team understands the importance of aligning your furniture choices with your business concept and location. Whether you seek a cozy cafe setting or a sophisticated hotel terrace, we offer unique outdoor furniture and concepts tailored to your specific needs.
Trust us to provide original outdoor furniture solutions that elevate your outdoor spaces and enhance your guests' experience. Partner with us for a comprehensive turnkey interior design and application project that reflects your vision and exceeds expectations.
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Hotel Concepts Budget Friendly Solutions with Quality Assurance

At G2edge, we proudly collaborate with esteemed hotel furniture manufacturers and suppliers, boasting a dedicated team of highly creative hotel concept designers, architects, and engineers based in Istanbul, Turkey.
Our commitment is to craft bespoke hotel solutions tailored to your specific needs and budgetary considerations. We guarantee competitive pricing without compromising on quality. Our streamlined process for creating Unique Ready-made Hotel Concepts unfolds as follows:

  1. Concept Selection: Our expert project team collaborates with you to handpick the ideal concept from our diverse array of ready-made hotel designs, ensuring alignment with your requirements and budget.

  2. Cost Estimation: We provide transparent cost estimates tailored to your chosen concept, offering clarity on project expenses from the outset.

  3. Layout Preparation: With meticulous attention to detail, we prepare comprehensive layouts aligned with your project plans and specifications.

  4. Final Cost Presentation: Following layout approval, we present the final cost breakdown, ensuring full transparency throughout the project lifecycle.

  5. Mock-up and Manufacturing: Our seasoned professionals meticulously craft mock-up rooms and all hotel furnishings, adhering to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

  6. Delivery and Installation: With efficiency and precision, we oversee the seamless delivery and installation of your bespoke hotel solutions, ensuring your vision comes to life with ease.

At G2edge, we are committed to elevating your hotel experience through innovative design and unparalleled service excellence. Partner with us to transform your vision into reality.
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Dry Stoner Cleaning System, Elevate Precision in Grain Purification

Introducing our cutting-edge Dry Stoner Cleaning System, meticulously engineered to efficiently separate robust foreign materials like stones, glass, metal pieces, or soil particles from grains, employing an advanced screening method and air-assisted technology.
Key Features:

  1. Innovative Separation Mechanism: Crafted with precision, the machine comprises a fixed chassis and vibrating body working in tandem. The stone separator, designed to account for the varying densities of stones and grains, employs vibration to guide grains against or with gravity, effectively separating stones. Wheat is then seamlessly sifted from the stones using a vibrating sieve.

  2. Dust-Free Purification: Going beyond mere separation, the system incorporates air aspiration from the ventilation line, ensuring the absorption and removal of dust. This dual-action process guarantees not only the elimination of foreign materials but also the delivery of a pristine, dust-free end product.

Application Fields:
The Dry Stoner Cleaning System boasts versatile applications across a spectrum of industries, including:

  • Food Industry: Ensuring grain purity in diverse food processing applications.

  • Flour and Semolina Mills: Elevating the quality of flour and semolina production.

  • Cereal Cleaning Plants: Optimizing cleaning processes in facilities dedicated to cereal processing.

  • Corn Factories: Maintaining premium grain quality in corn processing operations.

  • Oil Factories: Ideal for preserving grain purity in vegetable oil production.

  • Malt Factories: Ensuring high standards in malt production processes.

  • Cacao and Coffee Plants: Contributing to quality assurance in cocoa and coffee processing plants.

With its advanced technology and widespread applicability, the Dry Stoner Cleaning System stands as an indispensable solution for industries committed to precision and excellence in grain processing.
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Taru Destoner Classifier Cleaning System, Elevate Precision in Agricultural Processing

The Taru Destoner Classifier Cleaning System is a cutting-edge solution designed to effectively separate heavy foreign materials such as stones, glass, metal pieces, or soil particles from grains, employing a sophisticated screening method and air-assisted technology.
Key Features:

  • Innovative Separation Mechanism:


The machine's fixed chassis and vibrating body work in harmony to implement a meticulous separation process. The stone separator, meticulously crafted to account for the differing densities of stones and grains, directs the grains in the direction of gravity or against it through vibration, efficiently separating stones from the grains. Wheat is further sifted from the stones with the assistance of a vibrating sieve.

  • Dust-Free Precision:


The system goes beyond mere separation, as it incorporates air aspiration from the ventilation line to absorb and eliminate dust. This ensures not only the removal of foreign materials but also a dust-free, high-quality end product.
Application Fields:
The Taru Destoner Classifier Cleaning System finds versatile applications across various industries, including:

  • Food Industry: Ensures the purity of grains in diverse food processing applications.

  • Flour and Semolina Mills: Enhances the quality of flour and semolina production.

  • Cereal Cleaning Plants: Optimizes the cleaning process in facilities dedicated to cereal processing.

  • Corn Factories: Ensures premium grain quality in corn processing operations.

  • Oil Factories: Ideal for maintaining the purity of grains in vegetable oil production.

  • Malt Factories: Ensures high standards in malt production processes.

  • Cacao and Coffee Plants: Contributes to the quality assurance in cocoa and coffee processing plants.

With its advanced technology and broad applicability, the Taru Destoner Classifier Cleaning System is an indispensable asset for industries prioritizing precision and quality in grain processing.
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Blower Hammer Mill Cleaning Systems for Superior Grain Processing

Blower crushers are integral in the processing of agricultural products, including grain, corn, wheat, and rice. Their versatile functions are designed to streamline operations, with a primary focus on:
Cleaning Excellence: Blower crushers excel in removing foreign objects such as stones, soil, metal fragments, and more from processed grain and other materials. Through a meticulous cleaning process, these crushers effectively break down contaminants, ensuring the purity and quality of the final product.
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Advanced Flow Meter Cleaning Systems for Optimal Performance

The Water Injection System is meticulously crafted to facilitate the controlled introduction of water into the wheat during the tempering process. This semi-mechanically operated system is seamlessly integrated with forced annealing machines or internal leak screw screws to ensure optimal functionality.
Operational Dynamics:
Prior to entering the system, the water undergoes a thorough filtration and cleaning process. The system's intelligent design incorporates a sensor that adeptly detects the flow of wheat. Pre-adjusted flow rates are precisely delivered to the system through the opening of the solenoid valve. Notably, the sensor promptly closes the solenoid valve upon the cessation of wheat flow, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in the tempering process.
Diverse Flowmeter Options:
The system boasts a range of flowmeter variants, with specialized types tailored to the specific requirements of distinct application settings and flow dynamics.
Application Fields:
The Water Injection System finds its indispensable application in various industrial sectors:

  • Food processing industry

  • Flour and semolina mills

  • Macaroni factories

  • Feed mills

  • Similar industrial plants

As an integral component in the tempering process, this system plays a pivotal role in enhancing the quality and consistency of wheat processing across diverse industrial applications.
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Air Canal Cleaning System Machine

The Air Canal Cleaning System Machine is specifically designed for the meticulous cleaning of wheat, barley, legumes, and soybeans. This advanced machine excels at removing various lightweight materials with different aerodynamic properties, such as debris, straw, broken spikes, assorted seeds, peeled shells, and dust, utilizing a powerful air flow mechanism.
As the grain products are uniformly distributed across the width of the Air Channel through the machine's feeding table or a vibrating feeder, the lighter particles are conveyed to the upper outlet channel by the bottom-directed air flow. Subsequently, the thoroughly cleaned product descends and seamlessly integrates into the system.
Key Features:
- The presence of a strategically positioned window creates optimal lighting, facilitating a clear view of the separation process. This feature empowers operators to make precise air adjustments for enhanced efficiency.
- Available in two variants, one equipped with a vibro motor, typically employed alongside a Peeler machine, and the non-motorized version designed for use with a Garbage Purifier machine.
Application Fields:
The Air Canal Cleaning System Machine finds its indispensable role in various sectors:
- Food industry
- Flour mills and semolina mills
- Corn, barley, rye, oats, and similar grain processing plants
- Cereal cleaning plants
- Vegetable oil factories
- Seed cleaning plants
- Grain storage silos
With its versatile applications and efficient cleaning mechanism, this machine stands as a vital asset in ensuring the purity and quality of grains and seeds across diverse industries.
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Precision Grain Separation Technology

This state-of-the-art grain separator is a versatile solution for the precise separation of garbage, straw, chaff, and other coarse and small foreign matter from a variety of whole grains, including wheat. Widely employed in the food industry, its applications span across flour and semolina factories, seed cleaning facilities, grain cleaning and calibration facilities, grain factories, feed mills, and silo facilities.
In diverse industrial contexts, it stands out with:

  • Exceptional efficiency and high capacity, achieved with remarkably low power consumption

  • Smooth and trouble-free operation facilitated by the vibro-motor drive, requiring minimal maintenance

  • Adaptive design allowing for the optimization of capacity and efficiency for different grains through adjustable sieve angles

  • Robust durability and longevity, ensuring a lasting and reliable performance

  • Swift and easy replacement of sieves, coupled with a practical cleaning mechanism

  • Whisper-quiet operation, creating a conducive working environment.

This advanced grain separator represents a cutting-edge solution that not only meets but exceeds the demands of various industrial settings, offering reliability, adaptability, and efficiency in one comprehensive package.
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Pipe Magnet Efficiently Captures Metal Particles

The Pipe Magnet, an essential component in material handling processes, efficiently captures metal particles within powdered or granular materials as they move between machines. This magnetic solution operates on a straightforward working principle, where metal contaminants are magnetically attracted and decoupled from the transported materials.
Designed with practicality in mind, the Pipe Magnet is strategically placed on an outward-opening lid. This innovative feature facilitates easy removal of the magnet for cleaning purposes when the lid is opened. The user-friendly design ensures a swift and convenient cleaning process, promoting operational efficiency.
One noteworthy aspect of the Pipe Magnet is its construction with natural magnets. This design choice not only enhances its magnetic capabilities but also contributes to sustainability by eliminating the need for additional energy consumption during its operation.

Applications Fields:

  • Food Industry: Ensures the purity of food products by capturing metal impurities
  • Flour & Semolina Mills: Vital for maintaining product quality and safety in milling operations.
  • Feed Mills: Safeguards animal feed production by preventing metal contamination.
  • All Grain Cleaning Plants: Integral in preserving the integrity of grains during the cleaning process.
  • Corn Processing Plants: Enhances the quality control measures in corn processing operations.
  • Oil Factories: Crucial for preventing metal contamination in oil production processes.
  • Plywood Factories: Contributes to the quality assurance of materials in plywood manufacturing.

The Pipe Magnet stands as a reliable solution across diverse industries, offering effective metal separation while promoting sustainability and ease of maintenance.


$ Ask for Price

Altan Blowing Infrared Light Hand Dryer with Sensor, Cutting-Edge Technology for Quick Drying.

Introducing the Altan Blowing Infrared Light Hand Dryer with Sensor – a cutting-edge solution for efficient and hygienic hand drying. With its innovative infrared light technology, this hand dryer offers quick and touch-free operation, ensuring a seamless and sanitary experience. The Altan Blowing Hand Dryer not only enhances hygiene but also adds a touch of modern sophistication to any restroom or commercial space. Experience the convenience of rapid drying and advanced sensor technology, making this hand dryer a sleek and practical addition for those seeking both functionality and contemporary design.
$ 115

Square WC Brush for Stylish Bathroom Maintenance

Elevate bathroom aesthetics with our Square WC Brush, a modern and stylish solution for impeccable cleanliness.
$ 25

Washbasin faucet 35mm

The Washbasin Faucet with a 35mm cartridge combines modern design with precise water control, offering a sleek and efficient solution for any bathroom.
$ 50

Bathroom faucet 35mm

The Bathroom Faucet with a 35mm cartridge presents a sophisticated and functional solution for enhancing bathroom spaces. Featuring a contemporary design, this faucet is equipped with a 35mm ceramic cartridge that ensures precise control over water flow and temperature, delivering a seamless and enjoyable user experience. Its sleek aesthetics make it an attractive addition to any bathroom decor. The 35mm cartridge technology guarantees efficient performance, allowing users to effortlessly manage water settings. With a focus on both style and functionality, this Bathroom Faucet offers a perfect balance, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a modern and reliable fixture to elevate their bathroom ambiance.
$ 95

Kitchen Faucet 35mm

The Kitchen Faucet with a 35mm cartridge offers a harmonious blend of style and functionality for contemporary kitchen spaces. Boasting a sleek and modern design, this faucet is equipped with a 35mm ceramic cartridge, ensuring precise control over water flow and temperature. Its ergonomic features enhance user convenience, often incorporating pull-out or pull-down sprayers for versatile use in tasks like dishwashing and food preparation. Beyond aesthetics, the 35mm cartridge technology guarantees smooth operation, facilitating easy adjustment of water settings. With an emphasis on water conservation, this Kitchen Faucet combines efficiency and sophistication, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a reliable and aesthetically pleasing solution for their culinary workspace.
$ 50

Washbasin Faucet 35mm

A Washbasin Faucet with a 35mm cartridge refers to a type of faucet commonly used in bathrooms and kitchens. The term "35mm" pertains to the size of the ceramic cartridge within the faucet, which plays a crucial role in controlling water flow and temperature. These faucets are known for their modern and sleek designs, providing a stylish addition to any washbasin or sink area. The 35mm cartridge technology ensures smooth operation and precise control, allowing users to adjust water flow and temperature with ease. Additionally, these faucets often incorporate water-saving features, contributing to both efficiency and sustainability in daily use. Overall, a Washbasin Faucet with a 35mm cartridge combines functionality, aesthetics, and advanced technology to enhance the user experience in domestic and commercial settings.
$ 50

Sensor Faucet Single Water Inlet Hot and Cold

The Sensor Faucet Single Water represents a modern and efficient solution for hands-free water dispensing in both residential and commercial settings. This innovative faucet is equipped with sensor technology that detects the presence of hands, triggering the release of a single, controlled stream of water. This not only enhances convenience and hygiene by eliminating the need for physical contact with the faucet but also contributes to water conservation by preventing unnecessary flow. The sleek and contemporary design of Sensor Faucet Single Water adds a touch of sophistication to any bathroom or kitchen, making it a popular choice for those seeking both functionality and style in their plumbing fixtures.
$ 185

Single Corner Soap Basket

The Single Corner Soap Basket is a space-saving and practical addition to any bathroom or shower area. Crafted with precision to fit seamlessly into corners, this stylish accessory provides a designated spot to keep your soap within easy reach. Its sleek design not only enhances organization but also adds a touch of modern elegance to the space. The corner placement optimizes available space, making it an ideal choice for bathrooms where efficient use of every corner is essential. Easy to install and maintain, the Single Corner Soap Basket is a functional and aesthetically pleasing solution for keeping your soap neatly stored in a convenient location.
$ 19.06

Toilet Paper Holder

he Toilet Paper Holder is an essential bathroom accessory that combines functionality with style. Designed to securely hold and dispense toilet paper, this fixture plays a crucial role in maintaining bathroom hygiene. Available in various styles and finishes, it not only provides a practical solution for organizing toilet paper but also contributes to the overall aesthetics of the bathroom. Whether wall-mounted or freestanding, the toilet paper holder ensures easy access and efficient replacement of rolls, promoting a tidy and organized bathroom environment. Its diverse designs make it easy to find a holder that complements the overall decor, making it a small yet impactful element in enhancing the overall appeal and functionality of the bathroom.
$ 16.24

Long Towel Holder

The Long Towel Holder in Paris Chrome combines practical functionality with a touch of elegance for any bathroom setting. Crafted with a sleek chrome finish, it not only provides a stylish storage solution for longer towels but also adds a modern aesthetic to the space. The elongated design ensures the convenience of accommodating larger towels, while the chrome finish adds a sophisticated touch, complementing contemporary bathroom decor. This accessory not only serves its utilitarian purpose but also enhances the overall visual appeal of the bathroom, making it a practical and stylish addition to any home.
$ 25.96

Stainless Steel Laminated Towel Holder.

The Stainless Steel Laminated Towel Holder seamlessly blends functionality and modern aesthetics, offering a sleek and durable solution for bathroom organization. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, this towel holder not only provides reliable support for towels but also adds a touch of contemporary elegance to any bathroom space. The laminated finish enhances both its visual appeal and resistance to corrosion, ensuring long-lasting performance and easy maintenance. With a design that balances form and function, this towel holder is a stylish addition to the bathroom, offering a practical and sophisticated way to keep towels within reach while elevating the overall decor.
$ 18.92