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Updated : Dec. 2018

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UAE economy is stable, Government is taking all necessary steps, requires for future growth it is the right place to kick off due to its welcoming nature, quick and easy company set up procedures.

Saudi Arabia Gov. plan to start from Scratch and wipe out all expatriates till 2020 following the Vision 2030 to reform Saudization.

84% of brand marketers say events and experiences are a key part of integrated marketing campaigns.

0.7% of marketing budgets are earmarked for B2B exhibitions among companies that exhibit - an even larger share than digital.

"Best Customer Services" is the best part of marketing your business. The Customers who create Customers

Any good Analyst can extract value from dirty, incomplete data at least enough to get a sense for whether there's value worth pursuing further.

Data from the Census Bureau and the IRS show the average age of successful business founders is 42.

Slow industry Growth when the total size of the market does not grow, companies must acquire customer from competitors in order to grow

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