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Sajid Rashid (@visitsajid)

Cheif Growth Officer - Proprietor
I had started my career in Marketing Industries as Brand Designer at the age of 18 while doing a study of MBA, From 2001 to 2017 I had gain lots of experience working as a Freelancer for many organization. While working for many sectors I had realized that Honesty, Truth, Latest Study, Hard work is the only way to build a long-term success I had also seen many businesses come and go, as to start up is easy but without vision and values, it is very difficult to maintain it on long-term.
Javed Hussain

Shaikh Javed Hussain

Chief Finance Officer
2 Decades experience in Finance. I ensure the company is able to meet its financial commitments and manage cash flow in the most efficient way, including leadership, communication with the board, negotiating with suppliers and vendors, and supporting the company’s mission, vision, values, and culture.

Sarfaraz Khan

Chief Client Officer
I am an experienced in designing new programs and systems to improve the customer experience. My role as CCO is to solve lasting customer problems, build a long-term competitive advantage, retain loyal customers, and create a strategy to help increase profit for our clients.

Aliya Khan

Cheif Creative Officer
My responsibilities are creative thinking and to develop the artistic design strategy that defines the company's brand. I also specialize in Interior designing, 3D technologies, creating a smart education system and a better future for an upcoming generation.

Shaikh Sadiya

Cheif Digital Officer
As i am responsible of our production house my First priority is Digitization by transforming and automating business process into digital. It's required research, latest studies and creative thinking that safe Cost & Time as well as to solve complex problems.

Sadiq Khan

Chief Marketing Officer
I am experienced and specialize in Marketing, Research, Generate Demands, Data-Driven Marketing, Data Analytics, Market Research, Advertising promotions as well as coordinating many different styles of thinking in a single team.