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Unleash Precision Power Bolt Cutters, Pullers, and Pipe Wren

Experience unparalleled strength and precision with B.Tech's range of Bolt Cutters, Pullers, and Pipe Wrenches. Crafted to meet the highest standards of performance, our tools are engineered to tackle the toughest tasks with ease.
B.Tech's pipe wrenches epitomize gripping strength, torque, and power. Manufactured with precision, our wrenches are constructed from CRMO metal, ensuring durability and reliability in every use. Whether it's tightening pipes or loosening fittings, trust B.Tech's pipe wrenches to deliver exceptional performance.
Our tin shears are a testament to innovation and precision. Sharpened using state-of-the-art lasers during the manufacturing process, these shears provide clean and precise cuts, making light work of even the toughest materials.
For heavy-duty applications, B.Tech's aluminum pipe wrenches are the ultimate choice. Capable of applying up to 6.8T of force at 10 inches and an impressive 19.6T at 36 inches, our wrenches provide unmatched power and efficiency, making them indispensable in any toolbox.
When it comes to mechanical pullers, B.Tech goes the extra mile. Featuring an 8:9 steel bolt, our pullers offer unparalleled flexibility while pulling, ensuring smooth and efficient operation every time.
Discover the power of B.Tech's Bolt Cutters, Pullers, and Pipe Wrenches – where strength meets precision, and performance meets perfection. Upgrade your toolkit today and experience the difference.
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Laser 2x360 CUBE laser DOUBLE 0360

Introducing the Laser2x360, a cutting-edge laser level engineered to redefine precision and versatility in your projects:

Class 2 Laser Precision: Equipped with an exceptional precision optical amplifier, the Laser2x360 boasts Class 2 laser technology, ensuring unparalleled accuracy in your measurements.

Sharp and Clear 360 Lines: Experience unparalleled clarity as the 360-degree lines project sharply across your workspace, enabling seamless alignment and layout.

Performance Highlights:

360-Degree Coverage Around the Room: The Laser2x360 provides complete coverage around your workspace, facilitating comprehensive project alignment and layout.

360-Degree Ceiling and Floor Projection: Effortlessly project laser lines across both ceiling and floor surfaces, ensuring precise alignment from top to bottom.

Impressive 200-Meter Range: With a range of up to 200 meters, the Laser2x360 extends its precision across expansive work areas with ease.

Optional Digital Beam Detector:

Enhance your device with the optional digital beam detector, enabling enhanced precision and accuracy even in challenging environments.

Elevate your project outcomes with Laser2x360 – the ultimate solution for precision layout and alignment needs.
$ 299.00

6D Maxliner Laser Level Precision and Versatility Combined

The ADA 6D MAXLINER laser cross level is a versatile tool designed for precise horizontal and vertical markings, suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Its intuitive operation, with separate buttons for horizontal and vertical functions, ensures ease of use and accuracy. Whether indoors or outdoors, the laser's effectiveness extends to a radius of 50m when working outdoors, thanks to its compatible receiver. The electronic compensator facilitates frequent and rapid self-leveling, while the instrument automatically activates the laser line when set over the incline alarm range. Its 360° rotating fine adjustment mechanism enables precise object alignment, while a built-in locking system ensures the compensator's security during transport. The ADA 6D MAXLINER kit includes essential accessories like an aluminum carrying case, laser glasses, rechargeable batteries, power unit, and operating manual, making it a convenient and reliable tool for various projects.
The ADA 6D MAXLINER laser cross level is a versatile tool suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It enables precise horizontal and vertical markings, making it indispensable for various applications.
Functional Description:

  • Horizontal and vertical operations are controlled by two separate buttons, ensuring ease of use and accuracy.

  • The laser is effective indoors and outdoors, with a receiver usable within a radius of 50m when working outdoors.

  • An electronic compensator ensures frequent and rapid self-leveling, enhancing efficiency.

  • The instrument automatically beams the laser line when set over the incline alarm range, maintaining accuracy.

  • Its 360° rotating fine adjustment mechanism facilitates precise object alignment.

  • A built-in locking system automatically secures the compensator when the power is off, preventing vibration and movement during transportation.

Kit Includes:
The ADA 6D MAXLINER comes with an aluminum carrying case, laser glasses, rechargeable batteries, power unit, and operating manual, ensuring convenience and portability for your projects.
$ 359.00

Ultra Liner 4V/36U Precision Laser Tool for Ultimate Accuracy

The ULTRA LINER 4V/36U laser tool offers precision and versatility for various applications. Featuring horizontal and vertical laser windows, fine adjustment screws, and rechargeable battery compartments, it ensures accurate alignments with ease. Whether indoors or outdoors, its functionality includes projecting multiple vertical lines, a horizontal line, and plumb points. The built-in compensator allows for fast leveling within ±3°, while a warning sound alerts users to inclines beyond this range. With a rotating fine adjustment mechanism and a locking system for transport, the ULTRA LINER 4V/36U is a reliable companion for professionals seeking efficiency and accuracy in their projects.

  • Horizontal laser window

  • Fine adjustment screw

  • Adjusting legs

  • Vertical laser window

  • Battery compartment (rechargeable)

  • Bubble level

The ULTRA LINER 4V/36U laser tool is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. It projects 2, 3, or 4 vertical lines (model-dependent), along with 1 horizontal line and plumb point. With the assistance of ADA-ULTRA Liner 360 2V/3V/4V, it enables precise horizontal and vertical markings.
Functional Description:

  1. Projects 2, 3, or 4 vertical lines, 1 horizontal line (H), and plumb point.

  2. Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, with a detection range of up to 70m outdoors.

  3. Compensator for fast leveling within a range of ±3°.

  4. Produces a warning sound if the instrument inclines more than ±3° from the horizontal plane.

  5. Features a rotating fine adjustment mechanism for easy object alignment.

  6. Built-in locking system automatically secures the compensator when the power is off, safeguarding it from vibrations during transport.

  7. The intermediate position of the switch handle activates slope mode.

Kit Includes:

  • ULTRA LINER 360 2V/3V/4V laser level

  • Screw extender 5/8

  • Target plate

  • Laser glasses

  • Batteries holder (4xAA batteries included)

  • Case

  • Operating manual

Optional accessories: Li-battery, charger, LR60 detector with clamp. The manufacturer reserves the right to change the complete set without prior notification.
$ 279.00

Aviation Snips for Seamless Cutting

Introducing V.I.C Coating for Superior Aviation Snips

Our aviation snips are now equipped with V.I.C coating, ensuring top-notch performance and durability:

  • Dual-Sided Sharpness: Maintains cutting edge on both sides.

  • Tempering and Quenching: Endures rigorous processes for resilience.

  • Unique Metal Formation: Prevents bending during use.


  • Crafted from polypropylene and PVC.

  • Minimal distortion, extended color retention, high impact resistance.

Innovative Features:

  • CRMO Composition: Prevents reaction and contamination.

  • Damascus Sharpening: Ensures break-resistant blades inspired by ancient Japanese techniques.

Upgrade your cutting experience with our aviation snips — precision and reliability guaranteed.
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Unveiling the 3rd Generation Tools for Enhanced Efficiency and Durability

Step into the future of innovation with our latest release: the 3rd Generation of Patented Btech Tools. Engineered to redefine the standards of efficiency and durability, each tool in this series represents a leap forward in craftsmanship and design. With a relentless focus on saving valuable work time, our patented tools are meticulously crafted to streamline tasks and enhance productivity across industries. From construction sites to workshops, our tools are indispensable companions, offering unmatched performance and reliability.
At the core of our 3rd Generation series lies a commitment to excellence and precision. Each tool is meticulously designed to fulfill a specific purpose, ensuring optimal use and longevity. Our dedication to ergonomic technology ensures that every grip, every maneuver feels effortless, reducing strain and fatigue during extended use. Embrace the future of workmanship with our 3rd Generation tools – where innovation meets reliability, and efficiency is paramount.
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VDE Standard 1000V Tool Series, Voltage-Safe Excellence

Introducing our Series of VDE Standard 1000V Tools, engineered for excellence in performance and safety. Designed with ergonomic precision, these tools offer unparalleled comfort and control for every task. Their directional sharpening ensures optimal cutting efficiency, while the 1000V VDE Standard certification guarantees electrical safety in high-voltage environments.
Featuring dual-component handles, our tools provide a perfect grip, enhancing user comfort and reducing fatigue during extended use. With a protective ALU coating in the jaws, they offer greater tolerance and durability, ensuring longevity in demanding work conditions. Each tool undergoes a unique process of tempering and quenching, ensuring superior strength and resilience.
Our product packaging is crafted from high-quality polypropylene and PVC, delivering durability and reliability. Designed to withstand the rigors of handling and transportation, our packaging maintains its integrity without distortion. Its vibrant colors stay true for up to 12 times longer, while its high-impact resistance ensures your tools arrive safely, ready to perform.
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Series of Heavy Duty Grabbing and Diagonal Cutting Range

Introducing our Heavy Duty Grabbing and Diagonal Cutting Range, a revolution in precision and power. With a unique B.Tech patent, this cutting-edge tool effortlessly enhances your work efficiency with its innovative design. Experience up to 30% energy savings as the tool's secondary pressure mechanism amplifies applied force, delivering unparalleled performance while maintaining its lightweight, compact profile. Its dual-component gripping handles ensure perfect comfort and control, making it the go-to choice for professionals worldwide. From intricate tasks to heavy-duty applications, this best-selling tool maintains consistent pressure throughout, without causing any damage.
Our Heavy Duty Grabbing and Diagonal Cutting Range comes packaged in premium-quality materials designed to exceed your expectations. Crafted from polypropylene and PVC, our plastic packaging boasts exceptional durability and longevity. Enjoy vibrant colors that stay true for up to 12 times longer, thanks to our advanced manufacturing process. Built to withstand high-impact environments, our packaging ensures your tool arrives safely and securely, ready to tackle any task with precision and power. Choose reliability, choose performance—choose our Heavy Duty Grabbing and Diagonal Cutting Range for unmatched quality and efficiency.
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Locking Pliers Series, Power of Precision and Durability

The Precision Locking Pliers redefine excellence in hand tools, offering unmatched strength, versatility, and precision for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and engineered for superior performance, these locking pliers are the epitome of innovation and reliability.
Unrivaled Variety:
Choose from a selection of 49 meticulously crafted varieties, each tailored to meet the diverse needs of your projects. Whether you're tackling intricate repairs or heavy-duty tasks, there's a Precision Locking Plier designed to exceed your expectations.
Precision at Your Fingertips:
Featuring a 5mm Allen adjustment screw at the base, our locking pliers offer precise control and customization for every task. Adjust with ease, secure with confidence, and achieve flawless results with unmatched precision.
Built to Last:
Crafted from CRMO metal, a chrome-based alloy with an active coating, our locking pliers are built to withstand the test of time. Say goodbye to corrosion, contamination, and wear – Precision ensures longevity and reliability in every application.
Patented Performance:
Protected by USA patent number 7-474-999, our locking pliers embody innovation and excellence. Trust in a product that's backed by industry-leading technology and proven performance – trust in Precision Locking Pliers.
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