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Microsoft SharePoint Implementation, Configuration and Development

G2edge has successfully implemented MS SharePoint environment for many organization our team will perform exclusive configuration and development in your SharePoint Platform covering all the aspects of your Requirements.

Microsoft Office SharePoint Products and technologies are powerful and effective tools that increase collaboration and communication in a shared environment.

SharePoint technologies offer a flexible and efficient way for users to create their own workspace solutions for collaborative projects and groups. However, as with other collaboration environments without proper governance, a SharePoint deployment can become unmanageable, a disorganized collection of sites, users and links, through the same pathways that provide such flexibility and power when properly deployed with more than 12 years’ experience of MS SharePoint We are qualified vendor to provide MS SharePoint configuration and development services in your existing or new SharePoint platform.

MS SharePoint is best approach for Enterprise Firms to centralize all your online corporate activities, in order to improve internal collaboration and communication, tool performance, documentation, user agility, knowledge flow within the organization and Internal Portal design and usage. We are qualified consultants with demonstrated experience in SharePoint site design, development, customization and implementation.

Authoring workflows in Visual Studio provides flexibility to create workflows to support virtually any business process, regardless of its complexity, and allows debugging and reuse of workflow definitions. Perhaps most important, Visual Studio lets developers include SharePoint workflows as part of a broader SharePoint solution or SharePoint Add-in.

Developing workflows using Visual Studio

Unlike earlier versions, workflows in SharePoint are entirely declarative. Built now on Windows Workflow Foundation 4, Visual Studio provides a visual workflow designer surface that lets you create custom workflows, workflow templates, forms, and custom workflow activities entirely in the designer environment. Your workflow is then packaged and deployed as a SharePoint Feature.

One of the hottest topics in the SharePoint world right now is Microsoft Flow vs SharePoint Designer workflows. The writing is on the wall: Microsoft will eventually be phasing out SharePoint Designer workflows in favor of Microsoft Flow which is now known as Power Automate. That means it is a good idea to start thinking about converting from SharePoint Designer workflows to Microsoft Flow now. Our team of Microsoft Power Automate consultants went through the task of mapping everything out for you!