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Who and Why People come to (Turkey) Turkiye?

No doubt that Turkey is one the most beautiful countries in the world, marvelous weather, the halal tasty and hygienic food, The beaches, The History, The unique landscapes and the great city Istanbul having European side and Asia Side.

Türkiye is a country which occupies a unique geographic position, lying partly in Asia and partly in Europe. Geographically it is the best location in the world which is located in the middle of the earth.

Generally people come to turkey for several reasons the common reason are 

Business Trip


  • Become a part of making deal or negotiations 

  • Business-related training programs 

  • Conduct site visits

  • Attend business meetings and conferences


Short Term Tourist


  • Spend holiday or long vacations

  • Experience History and Culture

  • Other tourist activities


Long Term Tourist


  • The people who want to stay more than 3 months stay in Turkey for years and years by renting an apartment.

  • Family reunion

  • Medical and Hospital Treatment

  • Students for higher education


Second Home


  • Most people invest in residence property as a second home in Turkey turkey  is one the most favorite destinations for real estate investors.

  • The main reason is Quality Life, Neat and Clean City, modern lifestyle and amazing metro public transportation system in istanbul.


People who work remotely


  • As most of the things are computerized, not only employees but business owners also wish to work remotely. Traditional office space is becoming less common. Giant Tech Companies are now giving tasks to their employees from home to save time and cost.


Startups and Enterprise


  • Istanbul is most likely a reason for new entrepreneurs to start not only in trading and manufacturing but also to experiment innovations and new techniques of producing quality and smart lifestyle products.

  • Many enterprises wish to establish production factories because of average labor cost and quality performance.


See in Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9nOqkw5JVs