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What is Branding ?


Before we get started to review what branding is, the question comes 

There are several businesses which really do not require branding but if there is competition in your Business and if your business is struggling then you need Branding. The Businesses who understand branding better have gained success & growth in the long term.

So What exactly is branding?

Some of you may be thinking it is all about graphic designing, colors, logo design, identity design, etc. All these things come later. The first important thing is what is the logic and story of your brand, how it is different from others, why people should use it.

We need to understand very well the purpose of your product to create the most competitive brands and the main purpose of branding is to create reputation and trust. Many successfull organizations invest lots of money just to build their reputation. If you lose money, if you lose your best team player it will come back but if you lose the reputation it will never come back. The reputation is something that people can recognize easily in the crowded market and designs help a lot to be recognized.

Now in the digital era where we are moving into the robotics world. Most people are pretending something which doesn't exist, we need to understand the economy runs by humans not by technology. The better we understand humans the stronger we can build our Brand. 

Any product or business that does not help humans in any way is useless. 

Let’s understand it better by separating it into two Category, Strong Brands & Week Brands. Strong Brand also called as leading brand.

Strong Leading Brands Week Brands
Has a great reason to exist in the market it focuses more on solving problems. saving time and money and making their audiences smarter. By using it people feel proud of it. 
It is specialized on one thing: it keeps focus on its specialty.
Competitive quality and stability.
Strong brands have a great and a solid message. Which is also call as slogan
Strong brands do lots of enhancement to upgrade and re polish like carving a diamond. Practicing innovation to add a new layer on top of it.
It has laws and rules about what to do and what not to do.
Customer care and customer support is the highest priority to build the reputation and trust.
Focus more on just making more sales.
Replicating ideas and concepts of others means doing what everyone is doing.
Do not care about quality, focus more on cost cutting.
Confusing message.
No Upgrades and enhancements
No laws and rules.
Weak customer care system.

I had seen some companies where they had created a book of their brand story with proper documentation. You should have a document of your brand story.

Once the document is ready then we must move to branding and branding must follow the guidelines of your brand story. It may be a Logo design, Interior & exterior design, Color Theme, Packaging design or any type of your business Presentation. 

Creativity of your branding must flow in the retheme of your brand. You need to get deeper with the arts and create logical science. Creativity is something that We can’t use up. The more we use, the more we have. I had also seen that usually people believe that for creativity we must have a young generation. It is not important. It is good to have a young generation. They can create something new and attractive but don't ignore the experienced and seniors in this process. 

The best example I can give you is Walt Disney, who opened his first DisneyLand park at the Age of 53.

Building a strong brand is not easy and it takes time and lots of effort. It starts by discussing ideas and going deeper. 

If you want me to participate in your branding process please let me know.

by Sajid Rashid (@visitsajid)