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The role of Marketing - warm up

The Marketing department in your organization is supposed to be the most powerful after the accounting and finance department

Good Marketing is something that can take you from earth to sky but if it is gone wrong then it can also vanish your business forever. 

Marketers need to study humans so better than any other division in your organization 

See in Youtube: https://youtu.be/8IBIf2W0M-0

In every successful organization. The marketing comes first. The marketing department sees the world like the Chairman of your Company. Marketing Integrates all the functions of your business and speaks directly to the customer through advertising, salespeople, and other marketing activities. It needs to be involved in each department to create the news and grab the best idea for the ad campaign and provide the best customer service.

Marketing is a special blend of art and science. There is a great deal to be learned in marketing classes. But no amount of schooling can teach you the experience, the sixth sense and the creativity which is gifted to the marketer. That’s why those with the gift are supposed to be highly paid. Formal education can only provide MBAs with a framework and a vocabulary to tackle marketing challenges but from experience we learn what will work and what does not work. 

Marketers use many quantitative or scientific techniques to develop and evaluate strategies. In some cases marketers change the perception of audiences

They change the way people think.

The Marketing process is not easily defined or executed. It can be frustrating because there is no right answer. Consumer reactions cannot easily be predicted. 

It takes creativity, experience, skill and intuition to develop a plan.

Few steps of Marketing Strategy Development.

  • The buying process

  • Segmentation 

  • Product life cycle

  • Perceptual mapping

  • Margins

  • The Marketing Mix

  • Positioning

  • Distributions channel

  • Advertising

  • Promotions

  • Pricing

  • Marketing Economics

Strategically the primary purpose of a business is to Acquire, Maximize and Retain the right customers everything that contributes to this is an investment anything which doesn’t is a cost.

The market is constantly changing and the marketers must be proactive and reactive in addressing changes to ensure that they are ahead of the curve. 

Now the digital marketing and data on the internet is just an Assets and Tools but if your marketing strategy is not strong enough then those assets and tools can’t help you enough. 

List of Priority

  • Market your best customer first.

  • Building Culture. Your competitors can copy ideas but they cannot copy your culture and your culture makes you special and different from others.

  • Brand Awareness not only for Customers but also among the Employees.

  • Presentation of Company, Product and Services. 

  • Generate Leads.

  • Survey and Analytics.

  • Track Competitors

  • Training to Sales Team how the Human Brain Functions and the Science of Asking Powerful questions.

  • Customer Support & Customer Service.

Tricks and Methods.

  • What to show and what to hide publicly. 

  • Power of Storytelling

  • Change the Game 

    • Be a game changer.

    • Don't tell your next plan, your next move to your competitor or even your customer 

  • Emotional Benefits : One of the biggest weaknesses of humans is Emotions.

  • Try small before going big: What is working, keep doing it and what isn't. change it.

  • Repeat, repeat, repeat. memorized your audiences.

  • Focus on the big picture not on numbers.

It will be my great pleasure to work with you or your team to contribute to your marketing strategy please contact me and let’s start the conversation.