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Overview IT Industry

The IT Department stands on four pillars that are Infrastructure, Development, Security, and Data. 

Our speciality is Development on a cloud based platform.

I had written my first code in the year 1996 on Foxpro and VB. In that era programming was very tough as well as it was badly limited. Due to limitations I was less interested in programming and more in graphic designing and because of my good sense of design I got an offer in the food industry to work with a marketing manager than again in the year 2003 because of the need of the company i had to start web development and i was started developing a web based software development using Microsoft Technology ASP.NET (Sajid Rashid)

Now In the present year 2022 computer programming has become widely advanced and Computer Programming is the Back-bone of IT. Some people use programming just for Fun and Brain Exercise. 

On the other hand The IT Industry is the most disruptive industry that we have ever seen in history. From the 90s to 2010 we had seen not only Tech companies but also many other programming languages fail to survive for a long time and were discontinued and the main reason for this was not enough resources and no upgrades.

If you want to see the IT industry from Business perspective then I highly recommend you to read this book. 

The Innovator's Dilemma : How the disk drive Industry fails and loses millions of dollars.

The Hard Thing About Hard Things : How difficult it was to build the Cloud Computing Industries. The first #Cloud Computing was introduced in the year 1999 and the term cloud had been used previously in the #telecommunications industry and in 2006 it was introduced publicly.

Analytical Approaches to Strategic Decision-Making: Why Toyota has dropped his own Toyota Production System and adopted SERU. 

This is one of my favorite books related to IT. I am deeply grateful to the person who has recommended this book to me.

As far as my expertise is in Development on cloud based platforms. I chose .Net to build web services and applications and I had spent most of my time on Visual Studio. The reason for choosing .net is that it has a huge amount of resources on the internet and a great support by microsoft as well as the security is great. It is not easy for hackers to manipulate your web application. With .net and MS SQL Server databases you can create systematic business process automation. The Most amazing thing is Microsoft is giving Visual Studio and MS SQL Server database Express version  absolutely Free for individuals or students. I am really thankful to Microsoft for helping an individual like me.

Programming needs lots of experiments and experience. I believe if you want to start with .net it will take a minimum 3 years to be an expert. We use Visual Studio to build .net applications, visual studio support 36 different programming languages weather it is C++, C#, Visual Basic, React, Angular, etc. It is basically a computer language that tells computers what to do. And now .net is also offering Machine Learning.

I have been seeing for a long time that mostly newcomers and small companies are using wordpress or joomla content management systems to build websites. It is OK if you are targeting small audiences or just a corporate profile but if you want to build an enterprise application then i will not recommend you to go with wordpress or joomla. 

One of the most powerful content management that has ever been built in history is Microsoft SharePoint and it is built priorly in .net. and several other sites like noon.com, stackoverflow.com, godaddy.com, marketwatch.com

So if your vision is big and you want to grab large audiences then go for .net development.

Some of the biggest applications that I had built in .net is B2B Sales Management with daytoday business operations for a Company specialize in Metals and Mines Trading in saudi arabia. Also I had implemented Microsoft SharePoint from Scratch in Steel Production Company.

Another project I had developed for an ecommerce sales management system for one company in Istanbul with Three Level Platform One for Business operation and administration, Seller Platform and Online Store for Buyers.

Some of my other projects are a real estate management system in Istanbul and online appointment system for hospitals in Saudi arabia. and There are several small applications which I have built in .net. 

If you need training we also provide one to one training to individuals or a group of teams at your place. So contact me and let schedule the appointment.

See in Youtube by Sajid Rashid:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XiyioX3l2Lo&t=18s