About us

We deeply believe "Focus is the key of success"

What is G2edge?

G2 EDGE is a Creative Transformation Company. Specialized in Branding, Marketing & Data Technology Development.

Helping you grow your business by building a Systematic Business Growth Strategy

Why G2edge?

Our Story

Having 2 decades of experience in marketing and programming serving many clients for Designing & IT Development projects, we got a great opportunity to develop Sales Management Systems for many clients. While working on this project we decided to develop a Centralized Digital Platform that will also serve many other companies reducing the Time and Cost of Maintaining a Server, Updating Security Patches, Application Upgrades, etc. We tool this opportunity further and created a Cloud-Based Software System, i.e. Scalable through easy, fast, and smart techniques. Now we are taking it further to develop a complete ERP system.

Our Vision

" Through our unique technique we want to make it possible for every client to be part of the next generation technologies. "

Our Specialized Industries

Wholesale Distributor, Metals, Mines, Industrial Services, Building Materials, Freelancing, Architect & Engineering

Our Premium Customers

Saudi Emaar
Gulf Consult
Saudi Fal
Arab Solutions
Cleopatra Uniforms

I have more than 20 years experience in Branding, Marketing & Information Technology Developments. I started my career in the Marketing field at the age of 18. While working for many sectors I had realized that honesty, truth, the latest study, hard work is the only way to build long-term success.

I sincerely thank all of our customers who have supported G2EDGE in all aspects. Our responsibilities are to address our client's issues and solve it as quick as possible our team strength is to be focused on one thing at a time it makes us surprisingly powerful way to become more productive. Our Company was named G2EDGE with hope and determination to reach the edge of global capital markets. We sincerely hope that we can contribute to many industries we will continue to challenge itself to drive further innovation by anticipating customer needs that emerge from changing times.

Sajid Rashid (Founder & Proprietor)