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Internet Business Laws

Course ID: CR-926
Update: 09/24/2023
Level: Intermediates
Total Duration: 2 weeks / 8 hours
Scheduling: 2 Days per week
Total Fees: 1.500 TL

Topics of Study

  •  E-Commerce Laws
  •  Data Protection and Privacy Laws
  •  Intellectual Property Laws
  •  Online Advertising & Marketing Laws
  •  Cybersecurity Laws
  •  Jurisdiction & Cross-Border Legal Considerations
It's important for businesses operating online to be updated in internet business laws to ensure compliance with relevant regulations and mitigate legal risks.

Internet business laws continue to evolve as technology advances and new legal challenges emerge, so staying updated on the latest developments is crucial for online businesses.

Internet business laws encompass a wide range of legal regulations and considerations that apply to businesses operating online. These laws address various aspects of conducting business on the internet, including data protection, intellectual property, e-commerce, privacy, and online advertising
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