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SaaS Web Engineering

Course ID: CR-914
Update: 09/24/2023
Level: Beginner
Total Duration: 12 weeks / 48 hours
Scheduling: 2 Days per week
Total Fees: 16.000 TL

Topics of Study

  • SaaS Architecture
  • Cloud Computing Concepts
  • Cloud-based Server Overview
  • SaaS Business Models
  • Domain & Hosting Management
  • IIS Management
  • Application Structure
  • HTML & Bootstrap CSS
  • Visual Studio Introduction
  • Asp.Net Struture
  • Development using VB.Net / C#.Net
  • MS SQL Server Database Administration & Management
  • Jscript Basics
SaaS (Software as a Service), which refers to cloud-based software applications accessible over the internet.

Build SaaS Projects using windows based technology: Start working on small SaaS projects to gain hands-on experience. Begin with simple applications and gradually increase the complexity. This will allow you to understand the challenges and considerations specific to SaaS development, including user management, data security, scalability, and performance optimization.
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