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B2B Business Model

Course ID: CR-19
Update: 09/24/2023
Level: Intermediates
Total Duration: 2 weeks / 8 hours
Scheduling: 2 Days per week
Total Fees: 2.000 TL

Topics of Study

  • How B2B Business works
  • Marketing product or services in B2B industries
  • B2B Marketing Strategies
  • Building B2B Business fcrom Scratch
  • How to safe cost and time in B2B Business Model
  • Digital Transformation in B2B
  • The importance of CRM in B2B
  • Supply Chain Management
  • B2B Sal
A B2B (business-to-business) business model refers to a commercial approach where a company sells products or services directly to other businesses rather than to individual consumers, typically involving transactions, partnerships, and long-term relationships based on meeting the specific needs of the business customers.
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