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Create and Manage Invoices

Please note that Invoice sales record is not calculate until it is mentioned as Confirmed Invoice. When new invoice is created it is kept in Draft mode until it is verified from your customer you can also send direct to Confirmed mode while creating invoice by Checking the Confirmed Checkbox if it is already confirmed.

Navigate to Sales Management and Create Invoice

  • In (To) Section Select Customer

  • In Invoice Number type or Click Generate Button Icon

  • Type PO Number or Type NA (Not available)

  • In Description Select the from Listed Product

  • Type Quantity > Click Add.

    • Keep Adding your Products as per Requirement

  • Select Terms and Condition

  • Type Delivery Time

  • Type Location

  • If you had already create a Sales order for this invoice from your Vendor > Select Sales order Number

  • Click Submit and Create Invoice.

    • Select Proceed with Confirmed Invoice If the invoice is already confirmed

  • You will be redirect to the Invoice Preview Page.

  • Create PDF and Send to your Customer.

To review all the Invoice > Go to My Invoices.
Select Status: Note: If sales order is "Confirmed" you will not be able to edit or modify the record.




To Delete Invoice Click

If the invoice is in Confirmed List it cannot be deleted: Go to Return / Change Status to Change from Confirmed to Draft.
Manage Invoice create button
To Edit Invoice Click