Create Team Task

Navigate to Administration and Create Team Task

  • Create Task is only accessible to Administrator and Owner.

  • To create task for your Team member Select team member from the list

  • Input all the details with Priority, Start date and End date.

  • Upload document if required

  • Click Submit

  • Once the task is created it will notify by email to the selected team member

  • Review all the task in "Task List" section based on Status: Open, Ongoing and Completed.

  • Select the List item from Task List and review full details

Team Member

  • Assigned to team member need to navigate to "My Task" and add record of task progress

  • Select Status if Task is not yet Process it will in the "Open" Status

  • Select Item from list > Add Comments and Click the Status button.

  • Click "Ongoing" or "Completed" as per the Status of task.