Create Sub-invoice

  • Create Remaining Amount Invoice

  • Go to "My Services" Select the Status, click "View" on specific Invoices and enter the Remaining amount which is paid.

  • Click Create Sub-Invoices Submit.

Create Services Sub-Invoice

Services Invoice View

  • Note: Creating sub-invoice will automatically change the status to Confirmed If the selected invoice is in draft status.

Please note that Sales Order & Invoices record is not calculate until it is mentioned as Confirmed. When new Sales Order and Invoice is created it is kept in Draft mode until it is verified from your Supplier or Customer you can also send direct to Confirmed mode while creating it by checking the Confirmed Checkbox.


  • To change the Status Click Return / Change Status by Navigating SSM

  • Add Records of Received Payment Details from Customer by Navigating “Sales Collection” from SSM

    • Select Invoice from the List and Change Status