Create Service Invoice

  • Navigate to SSM and click create Invoice.

  • Select the customer name from the drop down list

  • Pull the Services in Descriptionthe Duration and Price will fill as selectedservices

  • Enter the Quantity and Click + Add

  • Keep adding services if requiredto add more services in current Invoices

  • Fill all other detailsif required Terms & Conditions and Notes

  • Change the Tax rate if required

  • Enter the deposit amount if payment will be paid in installment or by initial deposit.

  • If the invoice will be paid full amount than click full payment in the deposit section

  • The balance will be calculated automatically

  • Click Submit before process verifyif all details are Ok in invoice.

  • Click Proceed.

Creating Services Invoice

  • Create a PDF or send directly to your Customer.

    • If send to Customer, your customer will be ask to enter email for authentication and security purpose.

    • Customer is also having an option to confirm the current Invoice.

  • Please note the customer email id is required when you fill out the customer data.

Creating and Sending Service Invoice