Building Systematic Business Growth Strategy

Guide to start-up a Business

Digital Book by Sajid Rashid

  • Get Started
  • What is Branding
  • Challenges & Recession
  • Steps required before Starting a Business
  • Future of Modern Business Model
  • Team & Leadership
  • Investment in the right place
  • How to Create New Market Space
  • How to save money on marketing
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  > Get Started

Focus is the key of success

Visionary leaders have the ability to transport themselves into the future in their mind.

The ability to focus is critical for success. It’s too easy to be distracted by the next opportunity, the next million-pound idea. Most people are better at dreaming up new ideas than making them a reality, and if you’re not focused, there is an inherent risk of being known as a great thinker, or even visionary, who never made anything happen.

If you and your business don’t know what your one things is, make it your one thing to find out.

  > What is Branding ?

Branding is like Carving a Diamond

We make sure your brand In & Out beat Competition to get success in the market.

Instantly Recognize

The value and price

At the presentation is everything, It should have a seriousness of humanness

The Product Development Statement

Recognition: Buyers must first realize they have a need.
Identification: Buyers identify possible solutions to meet their need.
Assessment: Buyers will assess each potential solution.
Decision: Buyers decide which solution is best.
Purchase: Buyers exchange funds for the solution.
Evaluation: Buyers evaluate, postsale, the chosen solution.

Make it Unique :

Copying business / brand concept of each others and compete with each others - Based on analysis these types of business have a very limited life in market.

  >What is Branding ?

Culture is the most important step of branding!

Built your culture, your heritage, your language are the foundations upon which you build your identity.

Brand building and brand maintenance should be a significant priority for business leaders.
In organizations where culture is strong, people either fit in or they don’t. It’s as simple as that. It’s a very effective filter.
The ultimate success measure in whether you have developed the right culture will be how proud your people are to wear your company Logo and be brand ambassadors and advocates for you.
Culture is the ‘thing’ that gives two companies in the same industry. With similar services and products, and similar pricing, distinctly different flavors.
Are we truly delivering a world-class customer services? What are our customers real needs in present and future.
What will be the business look like, feel like, and act like in 5 - 10 years time in order to be leading in market and a trusted brand.

  > Challenges & Recession

Now we’re in the age of competition…the experience economy!

Customers are more informed, more educated, and have even more choices than ever before. The Critical question is: what can you do to make your business the partner of choice for your customers.

There were 1.3 million new domain names registered in first quarter of 2017, which is a 3.7% increase from the previous year.

Business need to be proactive on the time of Recession this is the best time to setup a Marketing Strategy.

Shifting market conditions are linked to the word changeable. The market is constantly shifting and we must be proactive and reactive in addressing changes to ensure we’re ahead of the curve.

40% of consumers will leave a page that takes longer than three seconds to load. And 79% of shoppers who are dissatisfied with site performance say they’re less likely to purchase from the same site again.

Research shows that a better strategy is to increase marketing spending on the time of recession.

Penton research services and coopers & Lybrand, in conjunction with business science international found that better performing business focused on strong marketing program, enabling them to solidify and position themselves for the future growth during the recovery.
In 2001 Intel Technology Industries invested @ 2 billion in new chip manufacturing facilities and aggressively marketed new dual-core technology in order to grab market share from competitors.
In 2008, Three years into a recession in construction, Johnson Controls rolled out a new ad campaign continuing its "Ingenuity Welcome" effort. The campaign, which included significant print and online advertising, demonstrates Johnson Control efforts to build energy-efficient environments for customers.
In the first quarter of 2009, Procter & Gamble, PepsiCo, Verizon, and News Corp Media all increased their ad spending at the peak of the global financial meltdown and recession.

  > Steps required before Starting a Business

As a First step, it is useful to have a framework for developing a data-driven marketing strategy.

Know yourself { Strategic Objectives
Know your customers { Create a Database Analysis
Segment your Customers { Customer Selection & Customer Targeting
Data-Driven Marketing { Marketing Campaigns
Build Trust { Privacy Issues
Keep Score { Metrics
Planning { Branding & Business Culture

Short List Customer Data
High-Value / Medium-Value / Low-Value


Collecting data as much as possible. The more data we have the more we can lead market. As well as Ads. campaign will be highly effective.

  > Future of Modern Business Model

Apperance Matter - (Science & Arts)

your customer need more… It is an audience demand

Let's start from logo and end at the roof of your Company Interior design is the art and science of enhancing the interior of a building to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the people using the space.
Customers want memorable experiences and organizations must become stagers of great experience!

  > Team & Leadership

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, your are a leader." - John Quincy Adams -

A strategic plan and inspired leaders alone are not enough. A high performing team has a feel about it – a sort of ‘teamness’. The secret to building a high performing organization is knowing how to build the ‘teamness’.

There is a really important life lesson here and it is simply this: who you spend time with is who you become, spending time and surrounding yourself with inspirational leaders and inspired people and their attitude, their mentality and their mindset will rub off on you.

As per the report published by UK Government (Department for Business, Innovation and Skills) Ineffective management is estimated to be costing UK businesses over 19 Billion euros per year in lost working hours. 43% of UK managers rate their own line manager as ineffective and only one in five are qualified.

Leadership is practiced not so much in words as in attitude and actions. Are you an inspirational leader?
Is your leadership culture the heartbeat of your high performing business?

Give Your Team the Freedom to Do the Work They Think Matters Most.

  > Investment in the right place

Advertise on targeted Locations, depending your business.
Don't just create a Beautiful ads, Focus on creativity that let audiences take a stop & think about it.
Ad need to be so attractive that it should store in Audiences memory and audiences should like it to watch it again.
Cost effective platform : Facebook / Linkedin / Google advertisement has more impact than Television & Outdoor.
Your ad should beat your Competitor’s advertisements.
Create series of Advertisement messages.
Keep record of each campaign, Return of Investment.
Analysis your Data.

  > How to Create New Market Space

It’s true and logical

"Test small before going big"

It’s about frequently revisiting and refining your plan based on empirical validation; what is working (keep doing it) and what isn’t (change it). It’s about testing small before going BIG.

We have seen tremendous companies throughout history lose their way and try to be everything to everybody and end up being nothing to anyone.

Your Competition will copy your products if they are good. They’ll copy your services; they’ll copy your branding; they may even try to poach your people !
However, there is one thing they will never be able to copy, and that’s your culture !
Your culture is the very thing that makes your organization special, distinct, and unique. It’s your competitive edge and advantage. Your culture informs your people what’s acceptable and what’s important.
And it’s your culture that lets your people and your customers know what your organizational values are, i.e. honesty, innovation, candor, going that extra miles for customers.

Competitive pricing strategy is not at all about price matching and undercutting competitor prices. It is proving the product price is worth its value.

Innovation is the quickest way to create new Market Space.

  > How to save money on marketing

SOCIAL MEDIA: Social media in particular has changed the game for your business and for every other business out there, in both good and bad ways. Even great companies have felt the horror of single bad service incident becoming a viral event across social media and have had to develop a totally new for of response.

No investment on advertisements with media partnership

In marketing we seen only one strategy that can’t miss, and that is to market to your best customer first, your best prospects second and rest of the world last.

As the population is increasing we put people first Technology helps to change the world but People is First approach to business, technology and citizenship requires deeper intelligence at all levels.
In this revolution, we focus to find new ways to apply technology and invention to create fast, large production and reduce cost.

  > Trending Digitzation


Using accurate data will save lot of money on DIGITAL MARKETING Advertisements campaign should be very professional following international standard. On targeted audience using data store in our marketing database

In 2017, more than 63% of marketers reported they have increased their spending on data-driven marketing, and around 20% of all marketing spend goes on data-driven advertising campaigns. One-third of industry professionals highlight that the right technologies for data collection and analysis are essential for better understanding of customers. Currently, 44% of marketers say they have data management platforms, and 33% are planning to have one.  

- The End -

Author : Sajid (@visitsajid)